Mimban Stormtrooper


If you haven’t scored any TVC Mimban Stormtroopers (or are looking to add to your existing army), Walmart.com has the TVC Mimban Stormtrooper in stock… as of this post, they are still listed as available at the standard $12.99 price.

They have free shipping on orders over $35, or you can also select to have them for pickup at your local Walmart.

Personal Note:  Don’t miss out on this great figure!  I can’t wait to have a few extras to repaint into extra gritty troops on Mimban!


A new Yakfinities Customizing Challenge will commence in April.

Right now, registered Yakface forum members can vote on the theme.  The categories are:  Entertainers, Desert Dwellers, First Order Forces, Kit Bash Vehicles, Imperial Scavengers and Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.  

If you are registered in our forums, click here to vote!

Yak’s Top Ten: Multipacks

Yak’s Top Ten returns, with the theme moving onto MULTIPACKS!

To help keep this theme as simple as possible, I’d suggest going with multi-pack THEMES rather than trying to call out individual figures.   So for example:  Saw Gerrera’s Partisans 3-pk, Kessel Droids 3-pk, etc.

What multipacks do you want to see made in The Vintage Collection from? Post your TVC wish list HERE.

You can also do the same thing for the 6″ scale line in The Black Series. Post your 6″ TBS wish list right HERE.

Note: Wish lists may also be posted in the comments section of this article. You may post both a TVC and TBS list, but please do not post your wish lists in this comments section AND in the forums. And please indicate if you’re referring to TVC or TBS with each list.

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