The “Carded” Vintage Kenner Collection Project

Some of you may have been around this weekend in the wee hours of the night/morning when I was posting snapshots on facebook of some of my Vintage collectibles from my dedicated “Star Wars” room. In doing so, one photo in particular (at right) sparked an idea for a project/quest for something I’ve wanted to tackle for many years – assemble a “carded” Vintage Kenner collection.

Why the quotes around “carded” you ask? This is where the fun/insanity begins. I don’t care if the card is missing the POP, if the bubble is dented, crushed or yellowed to such a degree as to where it looks like the figure is entombed in a chunk of solid amber. A price tag over the character’s portrait – so what! The card has been folded, torn, stepped on or water stained (or worse) – fine by me. The goal is to have a MOC (mint on card) figure, with bubble completely attached, regardless of the card’s condition. Weird, huh?

I hope to acquire at least one carded vintage figure per month as cheap as possible. A quick eBay search shows that some figures (meeting my outlined criteria) can be picked up for a mere fraction of what a brand new figure retails for today. Also, I’d like to pick up the figure on the character’s first card (ex. Bossk on a TESB card).

I plan to document each acquisition on facebook in a dedicated album and each one tagged with the date received and price paid.

Have I gone mad or is Vintage just that cool? Probably both. : )