UPDATE: Prototype Fett Mailaway Form

Hasbro has made available the Redemption Form for the exclusive Prototype Armor Boba Fett (VC61) online!. Any 5 Star Wars action figure collection UPCs will qualify for this offer. Head to Hasbro.com for the complete details and let’s hope the figures show up on doorsteps in better condition than the previous Mailaway Fett did.

UPDATE: Hasbro must have realized their mistake regarding the UPCs for the Prototype Fett as the website and form now specify the qualifying asst. accepted.

Collect and save the UPC codes of any 5 figures from these Star Wars action figure collections: Vintage (97568 Asst.), Saga Legends (21115 Asst.) or The Clone Wars (94736 Asst.)

So to further clarify, the valid UPCs are from the current Vintage, Saga Legends and Clone Wars collections shipping to stores.

No word yet if orders will be honored for those that already sent in their forms with now non-qualifying UPC.

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  • WStar Dude

    I hope they honor the original order form too because I had sent mine off with a few old UPC’s. The old form does say “any” 5 figures, I really hope they honor they mistake. Beside, the older figures cost me more money to obtain anyway… is not like it is free. Keeping my fingers cross.

  • Alan

    Wait, I am confused by the latest info…if I sent in Vintage Collection UPCs from older Vintage Collection waves, those are no good? It has to be from the latest wave?

    • Alan, you’re fine. I didn’t mention anything about current waves. All Vintage Collection figures qualify as does the current Saga Legends (with game card) and Clone Wars figures (with game card). Nothing else.

      • Alan

        Thank you, Jayson…I mistakenly thought that “assortments” were the same as “waves”.

  • I already sent my form in, and the UPC’s I used were from the Legacy Collection. I sure hope they accept them. I can’t see them turning down legitimate UPC’s and a check for shipping, though. If you hear that they won’t accept Legacy UPC’s, please let us know!

    • If you sent in the original form you should be fine sending in older UPCs because that form didn’t specify.


    I do hope they honor the original order form as I had sent mine off with older UPC’s! But I will not get my hopes up!

  • Matt

    So they will not except any UPCs from 2008 or 2009?

  • can we mail 10 UPCs and $14 in one envelope or is it 5 UPCs and 6.99 per envelope?

    • You should be able to combine shipping costs all on to one check/MO for each Fett ordered.

  • Tony

    Will the actual certificate also be available in figure packages? Like the mail-away Boba Fett from last year?


    It states that no copies or other reproductions will be accepted, so will they accept a printed copy of this darn thing? and I wonder if I can use older UPC’s from earlier Legacy and Clone Wars figs?

    • Read the other comments. The no reproduction/copies refers to the UPCs, not the form. Prints as many as you like. Also, as stated before, you can use ANY single Star Wars collection action figure UPC, there is no assortment/line limit. Theoretically, you could use UPC from the 1995 POTF2 era as Hasbro isn’t specific in the qualifying UPCs allowed.

  • WStar Dude

    Thank you Jayson, you are packed with great information. 🙂 I’m new to mail away, thanks for helping out us new fans.

  • WStar Dude

    So you can get more then one of these figure same house hold? Or do I have to put my sister’s name and put a different address?

    • You can order as many as you like you just have to include all of the upcs and the appropriate amount of money for each figure ordered.

  • WStar Dude

    I read the redemption certificate and it doesn’t give you any product code number of which figure line they are willing to accept for this exclusive figure offer. Does anyone know if we can use Clone War figures or Legend figures line? I assume that the wave 1 and 2 Vintage figures are ok to submit? Anyone who knows anything about this please let us know because I want to send it out immediately. Thanks all! 🙂

    • Any Hasbro Star Wars action figure UPC will qualify as the original report stated.

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  • Thanks so much for posting! Not that I’ll get but a couple but I have plenty proofs of purchases from this year! LOL