• Darklord75

    I don’t plan on buying any of these ships because 1. I already have the Obi wan starfighter from a few years ago, and 2. the other two have been sitting on shelves here for weeks and I didn’t want them then either. I’d really like to see better stuff in TVC boxes, like I dunno….an x-wing perhaps? or amy of the ships Bosco mentioned. I wouldn’t mind if they put out a few prequel ships in it too as long as they are decent. Like if the Sith Infiltrator came out in TVC boxes I’d buy atleast 1.

  • Bosco

    This is ridiculous—bordering on blasphemous! It continues to prove that Hasbro’s SW management team—design, quality assurance, assortment and distribution—is completely out of touch, and just plain lazy. Why is it that since the introduction of TVC we’ve gotten a handful of OT vehicles (at a significant price premium, as indicated by the recent Land speeder and Tauntaun!) but gotten the remainder—TIE Bomber, Cloud Car, Dewback, Hoth BPs—all prime candidates for TVC treatment—in crappy CW packaging?! And then they go and put prequel and CW in TVC?! Where’s the logic?! As an OT exclusive collector, as much as I love TVC for the nostalgia, I’ll be so glad when the line ends because then I’m done. Hasbro sucks! And has sucked the enjoyment out of collecting!

    • Wayne

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve had such a hard time trying to find TVC figures that I just quit dealing with it.