New Product Continues to Trickle Out

Hasbro’s theoretical street date of Jan. 30 continues to be ignored. We’re receiving reports daily of collectors finding new products at their local Target and Walmart stores. In fact, today I managed to score myself the entire Vintage TPM wave and New Clone Wars assortment at Walmart. Remember, persistence pays off sometimes, but it also costs an arm and a leg too.

  • Which version?

  • just scored savage opress at walmart


    Greetings, I too found the same waves at my WM in Naperville, the bonus was that the CW / Movie figs (non Vintage)were mis-priced on the hanger tags at $5.96, though scanned at $8.96, I brought this to the attention of a woman doing the reset in the toy dept. and she gave them to me at the $5.96 price and then took an additional $3 off per figure making them $2.96 a piece! That was cheaper than there clearance prices!!! The Force was strong with this one!