New MTT Image Revealed

While doing some sleuthing tonight, I discovered that a certain big box store *cough* Walmart *cough* has possibly inadvertently posted an image of the upcoming MTT Droid Carrier on their website. If you head over to their Star Wars section and scroll through the 3D images you’ll notice one of them is in fact the MTT. You’ll also notice that the Battle Droids included in this set are all upright, which conflicts with the reports that most of them were in their collapsed/storage mode.

Also of interest, since this is being shown on Walmart’s site that seems to negate the possibility of this being an exclusive to Target. Click the image above for a closer look.

  • Ian

    If you look at the droid storage compartment, you can tell that it’s the height of the battle droids. If you look in previous images, you can tell that the battle droids are standing up. They probably did this because kids and others would get more use out of 16 regular molded, and not folded droids.

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