Fan Sites Unite at Celebration VI in the Star Wars Collectors Social Area

When Star Wars collectors want to find out about the latest and greatest toys, statues, and prop replicas hitting retail, the primary sources of news and reviews are not corporate owned web sites, but sites run by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans.

While one might expect competition among the various sites, each trying to scoop the other, the truth is the owners and reporters from many sites are friends who see each other annually at conventions, Toy Fair International, and of course Star Wars Celebrations.

Now at Star Wars Celebration VI, six of these fan-created web sites have joined together to bring an exciting new collectible available in the Star Wars Collecting Track Social Area!

In the Social Area six Star Wars fan sites, Jedi News, Jedi Temple Archives, Sandtroopers, Star Wars Action News, The Star Wars Collectors’ Archive, and Yakface will be hosting “meet the fan site” sessions where site visitors can meet the men behind the web sites–and get an exclusive patch from each site.

Each site will have an exclusive patch given away only during the meet-and-greet, and if you collect all 6 patches they join together to make a larger patch–much like how the sites are united in their fandom of Star Wars and their love of collecting!  Each patch is limited to 500 pieces and will be given out on a first-come-first serve basis during the meet-and-greets.  Additionally, a small number of full sets will be given away in the Social Area during the convention!  Follow @C6CollectTrack on Twitter during the con.

The meet-and-greets will be held in the Collectors’ Social Area, a new addition to the popular Collecting Track for Celebration VI.  In addition to this exclusive patch giveaway, attendees can sit on roundtable discussions, get collecting books autographed, meet other collectors as well as other great activities.

Come on out and meet a fan site and get an exclusive patch – only in the Star Wars Collectors Social Area!  The times for each site will be posted soon.

  • Kris

    The patch looks great guys……really love it. What I don’t love is the corporate website bashing. I don’t get it….we all know the sites your talking about. Why is it a crime to have a site that is about Star Wars and makes money as a business as well? Is LFL not a big corporate empire? We love all the crap they stick the SW logo on, we buy it up!!! What’s so wrong with the other sites in question doing something for a profit as well? Would not one of the above “fan” sites on this patch love to turn their love of SW into a money making company? Get paid to report and talk SW?
    It’s about time we stop all of the childish, silly digs on those other guys and just move on. So what if they make a lot of money with their sites…..does that make them less of a SW fan then anyone here at Yakface or any of the other sites? I say no. We all love Star Wars, and some of the lucky ones can make money at it….good for them. Look at Steve Sandsweet. How many books has he put out? Did he do those for free? He turned his love of SW into a way of life…..good for him!!!!

    • You may have inferred something other than what was implied. Where do you go first for SW product news, Hasbro? Sideshow? Gentle Giant? Kotobukiya? Probably not since those “corporate” sites all hold licenses for product other than Star Wars, which might not be their strongest/main focus. The point was is that ALL fan sites get the SW news out to the public with their own unique take, each one with their strengths and weaknesses. Some working together, behind the scenes. Others not. Our site makes plenty of “money” and it all goes toward the site operations, funding trips to conventions when possible, and buying product to either to maintain the toyguide, review or giveaway via contests. All that said, thanks for the complement on the patch, it is surely going to be a big hit at CVI, we only hope that other sites could have/would have taken part in the effort because nearly all of them were approached in the project. – Jayson

      • Kris

        Thanks Jayson for your reply. I’m just an outsider looking in. I visit all the fan sites. However I do notice that some sites get ganged up on it seems. I see a “its all of us TRUE fan sites against them” mentality. I have no idea how those sites might interact with eachother. Who knows, maybe they are standoffish to other sites. Or maybe they get tired of being called a corporate owned web site who is not truly looking out for the fans. What ever the case, I just wish the digs would stop. Almost every single fan of Yakface (and the other sites) visits those corporate owned sites from time to time. We are all in this for the love of Star Wars and thats what matters to me. Keep up the great work, Yakface is truly one of the best SW sites out on the web!!!!

  • This is a thing of beauty. Can’t wait to try for all six pieces. There will be so many patches for people to collect at this year’s Celebration.

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