• studlydudly

    which sculpt is that Shock Trooper?

  • Anthony Coleman

    I would get this pack since I am in need for all these figures.

  • Peakob1

    30 bucks yuck! PASS

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Price is actually very fair in my opinion. I just don’t need this set. If it came with the FX droid instead of the chopepr droid, I’d probably be all over it. If I do get it, it will be due to the Sidious figure winking at me.

      • Peakob1

        I kind of wonder sometimes if some figures are harder to find because they pull them too early to be in an up and coming battle pack.
        I actually don’t have that droid in the pack so it might wink at me too! 😉