Hasbro SDCC 2013 Presentation Images


Hasbro has made available a selection of images from today’s panel at SDCC. Click on through to check out images of the Black Series (3.75″ & 6″), Saga Legends, Mission Series 2-packs, and New Class II Vehicle repaints.

Black Series (3.75″)

Black Series (6″)

Saga LegendsΒ 

Mission Series Two Packs

Class II Vehicles

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  • Darth Eddie

    Call me a fool, but I like the new C-3PO for what he is, and they actually added those little dots of light in his photoreceptor eyes that all previous 3.75″ Threepio figures have lacked.

    He’s not much, but those teensy little white specks of light to simulate the film costume is something I’ll give them credit for. He might be a cheaper, dumbed-down droid but he looks pretty good for a budget action figure aimed at kids.

    • Paul B

      Call me a fool too. I think he looks absolutely amazing.

      • Darth Eddie

        Hey, for one-half of a $9.99 two-pack of discount figures that aren’t even aimed at us I think he’s pretty great.

        For five bucks in this day and age that’s a pretty nifty and sweet little protocol droid.

        Yeah, there’s crap in this new selection of figures and it’s pretty obvious, but this Threepio – in my personal opinion – isn’t it.

  • disqus_yc9Askziob

    Ha ha, the people who say ‘we should be just happy we have Star Wars toys to buy’ make me laugh and cry at the same time. These are the people who Hasbro rely on, as they’re the ones who will buy anything and don’t seem to think they have a right to buy quality for their money.

    Oh and to the people saying 3PO, Han, Chewie, Rex and Cody look great, seriously have you seen the display cabinet photos? Bad isn’t the word.

    • disqus_yc9Askziob


    • THANK YOU!

    • I mean, sure we may sound “butt-hurt” and all, but COME ON! Why go back to square-one, Hasbro?! I mean, of course toys aren’t a necessity, but I’d rather be excited over cool new stuff to collect than be bored with the same thing over and over again; let alone low-quality junk from a MAJOR toy company! How is Hasbro broke?! I mean, is it because of a result of the awful distribution from the previous two years?! What’s the deal here?! Sure kids don’t care about action figures anymore, but us collectors sure do!

  • Dylan Bowe

    Why does Obi-Wan look so chubby in all of these?

  • Emperor was a jerk

    Look at this all from a practicality standpoint: as with all Hasbro SW figure lines, this is temporary. We are about two and a half years away from a brand new Star Wars movie… And not some Clone Wars prequel stuff but an honest to goodness sequel to the original trilogy. All thee figures are filler until the toys for Episode 7 comes out. No need for Hasbro to give us yet ANOTHER articulated Prequel Obi-Wan when there are a dozen out there all available on eBay for just a few bucks. Seriously, if you want a highly articulated 3PO or Jedi Luke they are easy to get and cheap too. For me, any figures new I don’t like is money saved.

    This whole release (all figure lines) are an experiment. How much will people pay for a nicely sculpted figure? What size to people want? Will kids buy a simple 5 points of articulation figure (they were good enough for me when I was 8 when the original Star Wars came out!)… the answers to these questions provided by the release of these toys will be the info needed to create the mother of all toy releases in 2015.

  • FireFox91

    There is nothing interesting here. Mostly figures and vehicles that have been done 10 times before. Black series is just the same thing, but bigger. Where is my Tie Defender, Hasbro?!

    • “Your” TIE Defender? Sorry to say, but they don’t do special requests just for one person!

  • Erik Yurkovich

    I remember when figures were 3 bucks

    • Back when they included a TON of accessories; though were “beefed-up” back during the POTF era!

  • Erik Yurkovich

    I’m buying other stuff so I’m not too upset

  • Peakob1

    Just a thought…. Is there a chance this new cheaper looking direction there going in could be beause they are saving all of there resources for episode 7 and rebels?

    I look at these five point articulated figures and I say “man, that looks awesome” and then I realize its not 1995. These are some real legends all right maybe they should call them, Timewarp Figures.

  • studlydudly

    thank goodness the CW Maul comes with Obi Wan!
    I sure didn’t want an ALL NEW CHARACTER, I wanted the 15th version of a character already made

    thanks Hasbro!! stoopids

    • Peakob1

      Yeah I’m actually surprised they didn’t do Ob1 in Mando disguise. They missed the mark there. I would love to see some of these 5 POA figure with removable helmets and more soft goods

  • Cam O Henry

    5 POA is not the reason I returned to collecting after a 25 year hiatus..To see such a character as Mando Maul, a debut figure, treated like sandbox fodder is just disappointing. Especially being that a prominent Clone Wars character doesn’t even get the chance to be released in the same format as every other character in the show. This is an odd decision. As is the coming release of Phase 2 Captain Rex. There will be many unhappy campers when he hits the blog pages. Realistic super articulated figures for every other main player but Rex? Why do this to people? Looks like I’ll be refining my customising skills a little more.

    • Peakob1

      Yep Exactly!

    • Peakob1

      Plus I also want to add that turning action figures from an animated show look into what i guess they would call “real” is not easy for them. It’s really an art in it self.
      Look how long it took to get a proper Fordo “arch trooper commander” I think it vexes them a bit and they approach it gingerly at best, or we would have seen more clone wars figure as real characters a lot sooner.

      I’m with ya on the Maul though, I’m already getting the parts together for a custom! πŸ˜‰

      • Cam O Henry

        I can’t imagine an articulated mando maul would be too difficult to counterfeit actually.

        • Peakob1

          Counterfeit? Well If you have the right tools (extra figures/ creative background) then yeah go for it.
          To be honest I’m just glad there producing clones wars characters no matter what way they come out πŸ˜€

  • Nick Dickens

    These Black Series are much better. I still think the likeness of Han Solo is off a bit. Unless its the angle. Leia and the others are great.

    I’m liking the realistic Rex and Cody is pretty good. As is the Maul and Droids Mission packs. My favourite Saga figure is the Stormtrooper, it’s a great looking sculpt and great for army building πŸ™‚

  • Darth Eddie

    Aside from the Gary Mitchell-after-going-through-the-Galactic Barrier eyes, the Mission Series Han actually looks very good and has a strong resemblance to Harrison Ford in 1977.

    Chewie’s not in proper scale, but he’s not too bad himself considering the tooling and focus of the figure.

    • Chewie looks more like a turd than anything!

      • Darth Eddie

        Ha….they could have done better with him, yeah….it looks like the might have been going for a look that somewhat simulates the contours and feel of the original 1978 Chewbacca action figure from Kenner.

        You kind of get the impression from this Chewie’s shape and lines that he’s doing some kind of imitation of the classic Kenner toy, as if this is along the lines of what the 1978 figure would have looked like had the toymakers had access to much more modern sculpting technology.

  • The Luminara looks great, all-new figure and everything – wasn’t expecting THAT. The Episode III/Order 66 versions are great too, I’ll have to do a side-by-side later this year and compare em.

    • So glad she’s finally been given a chance because of how neglected she’s been, lately! =D

      • Other than hologram form, her last major appearance was the Droid Factory arc from season 2 of CW. I was hoping they’d get around to an episode focused on her and Barriss like there’s been many of Anakin/Ahsoka. Even if the show continued, that wouldn’t be possible anymore.

  • Juan Carlos

    Hasbro Sucks!!!

  • Case Lamphere

    I’m actually looking forward to that Darth Maul. His Season Five outfit looked great to me and I’ve been hoping they’d make a figure from that. But, please-oh-please, don’t let his lightsaber be sculpted in like that!
    Also looking forward to that Mara Jade. It looks excellent! Such an upgrade from her 90’s figure.
    Hopefully, they also stay good on that Galactic Marine update. I really like the Marines and would really like to see them revisited.

  • Commander Fox

    What in the world is hasbro thinking. Why would they cancel all of these lines to invest on 5POA that kids are going to not even buy because they are overpriced. What happened to all the years (07, 08, 09 Maybe) where they had all the good stuff. Anyone remember titanium series for $5.99 that weren’t in 3 packs of remakes? Figures cant stand with 5POA, heck, kids cant even have the figures lay down with 5POA, and don’t get me started about crouching. I don’t understand why they felt they needed to produce figures people cant collect because they are all shipped back to the idiots at hasbro who cant figure out how to write addresses on boxes, or kids don’t want to play with. I have no idea why they don’t fix this. They know why people arn’t buying there pitiful figures. They need to fix it. I don’t think I will fork over what ever ungodly price they want for any of them, just to prove my point. Hasbro couldn’t give me all of thoes figures and $50 per figure to even consder one of them as even cool.

    • Commander Fox

      And Han and Chewbacca look like zombies from Black Ops 2. Hasbro can do better.

      • AGREED! I prefer the Movie Heroes over this garbage! It was actually more kid and beginner friendly! But considering that everyone (especially on the JTA and on YouTube) absolutely hated the line so much, all of us other collectors have been left with this garbage!

  • GTB

    Hasbro has completely lost touch. It is almost as if they have thrown in the towel and are buying time until Episode 7 comes out.

    • I highly doubt Episode 7 will become a reality. I truly, honestly do!

      • Mike_5555

        It’s happening.

  • darthpurge

    I am surprised at how nicely the Slave Leia looks, considering the bulky knee articulation. The likeness is the best portrait I’ve seen in the 6″ line pics thus far. 3.75: Luminara and Pablo-Jill are must haves! Not convinced about Mara though. And, as bizarre as the Mission Series looks, I can just imagine this Maul becoming popular on the secondary market after these things have come and gone, only for the kitsch factor. He is STRANGE looking!

    • Peakob1

      The only thing I don’t like about that slave Leia, while beautiful I kind of wish they took the time to give her an actual chain and not a plastic looking rope around her neck. These figures are 20 bucks, if we’re lucky that is!

      Take the time, sweat the details!
      You’re trying to suck us in for goodness sakes, the R2 size thing blows it already.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I showed all of these images to my 6-year old son tonight and asked him his thoughts on the pictures. I did not “lead” him one bit with what to say about the figures… but he pointed out tons of flaws on all the 5POA figures. He pointed out the crotches looking bad, the faces, etc… and when he looked at the Black Series figures, he complimented them (except Pablo Jill, he thought the face was funny and his legs looked weird to him). But really, this came from a little kid… I’d love to see counterparts of high quality figures next to the 5POA of characters and see which ones kids like more. Post a video of it. I really doubt that what Hasbro is saying about kids wanting the 5POA figures is true. It’s more about Hasbro being in panic mode and trying something cheaper, hoping it will work because they mismanaged 2012 so poorly.

    • Hasbro wants kids to play and actually care about something besides their roleplaying toys! I mean, they waste so much money on producing stuff for kids that they don’t even care for too much anymore, and they end up just sitting on the pegs awaiting to be shipped back to HQ! (Marvel, G.I Joe, Clone Wars Wave 1 2012 action figures and etc.!) And what’s ironic is how us collectors actually care more about figures than kids do nowadays! I mean, every other time I go look around in the toy aisle at whatever store, I see kids playing with masks, guns, LIGHTSABERS! Cause that’s all they pretty much care and know about that’s Star Wars-related! Lightsaber role-playing toys! LOL

  • Paul B

    How can anyone not like the otc goodness in these figures with 5 poa? Its like the 80’s all over again. I am very excited about this new line now. This is how it should have started with ot instead of the new trilogy figures. I look at it as a continuation of the POTF line. Only better likeness now. I can’t wait for these!

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      I will possibly get a few Stormtroopers.

      • Darth Eddie

        Same here, and not just the new Black Series Stormie but also the new SL Stormtrooper is a definite buy for me. He really hits all the right chords for me and might be the standout entry and star of the new Saga Legends line because of his OT nature, much cheaper price and pretty nifty sculpting.

        He’s a modern trooper with 1978 articulation, but it beats a modern trooper with a 1995 appearance and 1978 articulation.

    • The 5-POA OT figures are really pulling at my nostalgia strings. πŸ™‚ I know the eyes on Han and Chewie are painted bad, but the sculpts are retro great. The simplified 3PO and R2 are way cool. And that Jedi Knight Luke is AWESOME!

      • Paul B

        I chalk the poorly painted eyes up to the prototype and not production yet. (I hope).

    • THEY’RE JUNK! If Hasbro wanted to do this, they should’ve done this with the Vintage Line! Not some cheap, low-quality junk that’s actually favored more over what was actually released last year! 2013’s been MUCH worse compared to 2012! No idea why you guys on JTA say otherwise! (I’ve actually been sticking to LEGO as opposed to Hasbro this year, considering how things have been this year with Disney’s involvement with everything BUT LEGO!)

      • Paul B

        To each his own. To me they remind me of the 80’s when all sw figures had 5 poa. If someone doesn’t like them, don’t buy them. They are not aimed at collectors anyway. I like the fact that they look like figures from the 80’s, I will display them with all of my other original vintage figures.

        • If they’re not aimed for collectors, then why are you still collecting them? And I thought that everyone would freak out if they became like this!

          • Paul B

            I like them. I look at them from another point of view. To me, its reminiscent of the original vintage figures. I see the new saga legends as if Kenner came back and started making figures again like they used to. So, to me, its a continuation of the POTF line from the 80’s. There was someone on ebay who used to make “vintage” sw figures in the kennerized style, that Kenner didn’t or couldn’t make. Soviet see it as an opportunity to add to my vintage kenner figures.
            (I know Hasbro bought Kenner)

          • Good point, but I’d rather see these on Vintage cardbacks! Not brand-new packaging that could actually be given a chance! It’s great that collectors like you are looking on the “lighter side” of things, but I honestly won’t be collecting any of these at all! =P I’d rather get some CLASSIC figures if I wanted something with 5 POA!

  • Scram

    You know, I hate the 5 points of articulation, but the face sculpt on Luke and the blue clonetrooper look very good. I’ll probably get those two. Of course we all want the multi-articulation of TBS, but for kids these cheap figures make sense, and they don’t look terrible.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    So… Hasbro says kids don’t have time for articulation… however, they do have time to build 2000 piece LEGO sets. Amazing logic, Hasbro. No wonder you’re losing customers left and right.

    • Leave it to the new CEO and executives for doing that!

    • Mike_5555

      LOL! Good point Rykrof πŸ™‚

  • Dylan Bowe

    That Saga Legends CW Obi-Wan is missing that black part on his tunic under the armor. Also he looks chubby. πŸ™‚

  • John White

    5 points of articulation is so stupid!!!! and why another batch of remakes make something new for Gods sake this is disgusting. Heck I still haven’t found everything from last year. distribution was AWFUL!!!! we didn’t get anything after TPM wave eccept movie heroes (rehashes) and one Dr. Evsan Wave. Hasbro sucks so bad!!!

  • studlydudly

    meesa sad

  • Logan Starkiller Pynakker

    I do not mind this stuff. I will probably buy a few items.

  • I still find it ironic how LEGO has completely blown Hasbro out of the water this year with sales, popularity, etc.! Shame that Hasbro’s officially lost the game with just about everything but the Black Series and the sought after (yet low-quality) Clone Wars-style figures! (Though, the line has been “cancelled” due to Disney; as usual, with their “Episode 7” hoax and nonsense rumors and other BS!)

    • jeremyohio

      What the heck are you talking about? Hoax????

      Man, days like today are why I hate the internet sometimes.

      Me personally, I like what was shown. I have not been collecting as long as some people, and yeah i prefer more the 5 POA, but the sculpts are nice on these and will look good on my displays. And the 6-Inch line looks great! Look at that Han! Come on guys!

      I swear, even if they had come out and announced that the TVC is coming back and Clone Wars was not canceled and Slave 1 was $5, and that every figure was coming with a free $100 bill people would STILL complain!

      Let’s just be happy we GET Star Wars toys in the first place! I will get flamed for this post, but I don’t care, there is nothing more thrilling than opening new SW toys and I for one will be buying whatever I can afford.

      May the Force be with us all.

      • Email me. I will give you full details. πŸ™‚

        • GlitchBob452Chad

          Count me in on that as well. I’ll fire off a message to you.

        • Peakob1

          Nice what the heck are the full details?
          I want some!! LOL πŸ˜‰

      • Don’t feel like you are all alone jeremyohio. I share your same sentiment. What was shown was better than what I was expecting. Some people just can’t help but be negative all the time. Keep your chin up and keep loving what you do about Star Wars and this hobby and let everyone else be miserable if that’s who they are.

        • You and the others were the one’s who complained CONSTANTLY over the quality of everything back in 2012, bombad! Why feel sorry for someone that you barely even know?

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Hasbro really has been making numerous business decisions with their toy lines these past few years that have backfired. Obviously this new direction is very controversial. Until they start showing some success again, the market is not going to trust them. Toys are a luxury, not a necessity – and for Hasbro to get our dollars, they need to earn them. And besides – this drop in quality is not for the reasons they tell us. It’s because they failed miserably in 2012 (which was their own fault) so they respond with a kneejerk reaction. If they’d just be honest with consumers, it would help some and reduce a lot of the criticism. Their PR is simply a nightmare.

        • jeremyohio

          Honesty would for sure help them. They need to hire a new PR department a week ago.

          • Yeah… we really do need more Angry Birds, Fighter Pods, Movie Heroes, and Saga Legends don’t we?!

  • 2013 simply sucks. Nuff’ said!

  • Nathaniel Morin

    Wow, there’s nothing special about those Mission Series. I know the Big H doesn’t think kids care about articulation, but, those are really extra terrible. Does it need to be feast or famine? On a side note, the Black series looks great.

    • Well, considering that kids no longer care about action figures anymore; why bother? But, just to make the collectors happy, Hasbro’s been producing this garbage which is far worse compared to what people complained about last year! They’ve gone ***-backwards with everything!

  • SENTENZA1138


    • Rykrof_Enloe

      I’m wanting one with the B.A.D. sculpt. Put him on a basic card and I’d buy half a dozen for various dioramas. It’s the refusal by Hasbro to do things like that which really aggravate me.

  • Sad that this is the best deco C-3PO has ever received.

    • Nah.

      • There were MUCH better versions released even before this POS! Even the classic vintage 1978 Kenner figure was better than this garbage!

        • Paul B

          What’s garbage about it? If we had gotten these in 1995, we’d be crazy about them. Movie heros wave 1 were mostly 10 year old sculpts that didn’t need to be released again. Wave 2,3 and 4 were great. Wave 1 killed movie heros. If waves 2,3 and 4 were first, Hasbro wouldn’t have as much of a mess on their hands as they do now.

          • THE CLASSIC FIGURES WERE BETTER! NOT THE 2013 KNOCK-OFFS! The Movie Heroes line would’ve gotten a change if it weren’t constantly criticized or had countless carry-forwards either! Cause (believe-it-or-not), most younger collectors and beginner collectors that collect a little bit of everything (like my friend, for example) indeed DID enjoy collecting the reissued Clone Troopers and Battle Droids and army build the crap out of them! Sure we all got tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over again, but (for the most part) they actually DID sell, but were (unfortunately) overproduced!

          • Come to think of it, I rather would see constant reissues (especially with some of the figures which DO deserve repacks/reissues) rather than the 5 POA POS!

          • Sorry for the over-exaggeration, but I was simply trying to get my point across considering that I can only type rather than do a vlog or whatever!

    • I like it! πŸ™‚