Own The Clone Wars Season 5 Blu-ray/DVD This Fall


StarWars.com has announced that The Clone Wars Season 5 will be released this October 15th as a stand-alone Blu-ray/DVD set or as part of a complete boxed set including all 108 episodes. The boxed set include a limited edition Art of The Clone Wars book containing never-before-seen concept art from the series. For the full announcement, head to The Official Site and watch the announcement trailer.

  • Mike_5555

    Wow. I’m shocked the bonus content won’t be included in either of these sets, especially the complete series box set. That would’ve been the perfect way to release the bonus content. Now we’re hearing that the bonus content might not be complete episodes and include unfinished animation? Ugh! Such a waste of good material. I wish the Clone Wars just got one more season to tie up the loose ends, because there are a lot of them.

    • Xo Tica

      A sad state of affairs. I was emailed yesterday when I mentioned this on another site , that Seasons 1-5 distribution rights belong to Warner Bros. The bonus episodes belong to Disney. I have a feeling that we might see the content just before the new animated series starts next year.