Sunday May 24th 2015

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New Blu-ray/DVD Combo Sets Coming in October


Our friends at Star Wars Action News alerted us to the fact that is listing two new releases of the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy coming to home video. Now they are coming as Blu-ray/DVD Combo set and received a packaging makeover as well. Watch for these on store shelves this October.

  • Frank Diorio

    until they add the ORIGINAL 77-80 and 83 released versions, I ain’t double tripple dipping for these

  • studlydudly

    any new changes, like Greedo blinking? JarJar added to the back row on Home One? random Mon Cals seen walking on Cloud City?

  • FireFox91

    That’s nice. Easy pass.

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  • DarthFlan

    I dont understand why they need to do this?

    • Todd

      Allow me to explain……….. $$ > $
      Hopefully I was able to clear this up;)