Shaken, Not Stirred: The BS Bubble Issue

You’ve read reports that the The Black Series 3-3/4″ line has an issue with the bubbles not being fully adhered to their respective card backs. Here is a video I shot this morning at my local Target. Do not try this in the store. 


(Note: I bought this figure afterward)

  • TheaterG33k

    I bought an R4 P17 saga legends fig and the bubble had been STAPLED to the card. I double and triple checked to make sure it wasn’t swapped before buying it.

  • LOL for those of you like myself who cut the bubble off carefully with a box cutter or whatever and keep the cardback, that’ll save you some time!

    • Sjefke

      My stack is about 14 inches high. I use an X-acto.

      • At first I was storing them in a clear Sterlite box with the snap-on lid and handle but that one is so full, I couldn’t fit another cardback. So I had to switch to one of those flat “under bed storage” containers with about 3X more room than the carry box.

        I don’t know if I’ll continue it but with the Clone Wars cardbacks, I was using the hole-puncher for a 3-ring binder so you could flip through them in order of figure #. With all I’ve accumulated over the past 5ish years, that’ll be a project best set aside for a snow day when I’m bored outta my mind.

        The plastic bubbles all goes into the recycle bin. All it takes is five minutes of Hoarders until I freak out and go on a recycling binge. Luckily for everyone around me, I don’t take recycling to the Beverly Sutphin level LOL!!

        JUST the part about “WEAR. YOUR. SEATBELT!! IT’S THE LAW!!!”

  • disqus_yc9Askziob

    Maybe the people in quality control were some of the people who were sacked, too many questions lol.

  • Brian

    Glue prices have skyrocketed

  • disqus_yc9Askziob

    Hasbro have really lost the plot.

  • Local Gotal

    Wow… How did this get past Quality Control?

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      I’ve been wondering that about their Phase 2 clone helmets for a while too!

  • Leland Newhauser

    Ok, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but damn, that is funny!!!!!