Friday April 18th 2014

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Biggs X-Wing Pricing Flies in the Face of Canadian Collectors


Canadian Collector Bruno B. writes in with an observation, and a plea, regarding the pricing of the Toys”R”Us Exclusive Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Fighter in Canada.

A few weeks ago i had seen a price tag for the vintage x-wing on the Toys”R”Us Canadian website. It was 74.99$ and i thought it was a mistake. There was no way that this can be 59.99$ US and that price in Canada. I went to the store today and lo and behold i find the x-wing and the very extremely disgusting price gauging price tag. I took photos to show you.  I am appalled by this. Our money is almost at par with the US dollar so there is no way that there can be a 15$ difference with the US price not even factoring all other costs. I understand that there can be some extra money tacked on sometimes but to go that far is just plain robbery.

I would have accepted a price tag of 65$ but what completely ruins it for us is the fact that most provinces have a high tax rate and that would mean that this little thing would cost upwards close to a 100$ when all said and done. I can get a vintage x-wing on ebay for that price in a beat up box for crying out loud and i did. I am urging you to place this one front page of your site so that you can show the star wars collecting community how much we are getting    —– over for lack of better word when Hasbro does store exclusives. I for one will try to find a way to complain directly to Toys”R”Us and demand an explanation for this. I was planning on buying at least 2 of these but now i ll have to wait for a sale on this…It is because of sites like yours that we can and have enacted changes when companies have tried to abuse the collecting community.

The more we communicate the better we can protect ourselves from these underhanded business practices that ruins it for us.


Thanks for the email Bruno.

  • StarWarsCollectorNB

    Here is the price tag…

    • StarWarsCollectorNB


  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    ya I saw it for that price at my TRU a couple weeks back.. didn’t really surprise me since everything “vintage” packaged at TRU gets a huge mark up compared to the US

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Even $59.99 in the US is ridiculous. This is an easy pass for me even if it was $29.99 though. I’ve got enough of this basic mold anyway. I certainly don’t need more. Hasbro needs to be investing in NEW vehicles in playsets to get my money. Not slight retools with old school packaging.

    • Bob Villa

      I agree there is probably not even 20$ worth of plastic in there and Hasbro is charging 30$+ for the vintage box.

    • studlydudly

      so no Porkins X Wing for you either? ;)

  • Fercho

    I found exactly the same here in Dallas, TX. In a Target found the X-Wing in vintage package at $60USD. Also, the Endor AT-AT in TVC package was 130USD

    • TheaterG33k

      The TRU exclusives were in a Target?

      • Fercho

        lol, no, sorry… you’re absolutely right! It was into a ToysRUs… (I’ve been from a store to another).

  • FireFox91

    I can’t help but think that has to do with the very high taxes in Canada. Not just sales tax. The businesses get the poop taxed out of them too. So they price things higher to offset the costs.

  • Melies

    Yup, I live in Montreal and the problem is the same. I was gonna buy it from but they dont ship in canada…

    Not gonna pay 15$ plus txs extra for it. I have plans to get to the US in a few weeks, I will make a quick detour to Toyrsus over there and buy one for 60$….

  • StarWarsCollectorNB

    HI folks. If you care, Please share this story with your fellow collectors on your facebook and twitter accounts. The more we can spread this story around the more chances we can get something done.

    The only thing i can do is wait for a sale on this. I dont have TRUS US close by and i certainly dont want tp pay that 15$ extra just because TRUS Canada feels like they should put on that extra charge.

  • misterpl

    I had to chuckle a little when Bruno called it “price gauging” instead of “price gouging” because the first explanation I could think of was a marketing practice called “skimming.” Retailers will put a new product out at top dollar to “skim” the consumers who can afford it. Then they’ll gradually lower the price to get the following tiers of customers.

    So while Bruno might have meant “gouging,” it’s possible that TRU really is “gauging” the price on this item since Canadian collectors are used to paying significantly more than their U.S. counterparts for toys. I’d expect a markdown before the holiday season but for now, they’ll take what they can from impatient collectors who can afford it now.

    • Bob Villa

      Whatever the spelling is . I can only call this plain scalping and i am very mild in my wording when i say it that way. While your explanation makes sense you can then clearly see that this is just a cash grab. Its not done for the fans. Its only purpose is to grab more money. If Hasbro as well as TRUS had one ounce of decency they would have put a better MRSP and retail prices across both borders to thank fans for their support of the vintage line so far. Thinking people would bite immediately is ridiculous. People are just going to sit this one out and wait until deep discounts to buy it. I am going to do that. They did the same with the falcon and AT AT and they are rotting on the shelves at TRUS at my location. I wanted the x-wing bad. More than the falcon and AT AT but not at that price. NO way. Like i had said in the first article. If you are lucky and smart you can get a real vintage x-wing in its original box from the first movie and i did. This was to be frosting on the cake for me. It is not absolutely necessary but if it had been at a decent start price it would have been an instant purchase. Now i know what is going on with this crap so ill pile up some money for the special and grab it later.

  • Chuck McMenamin

    TRU by Florida Mall in Orlando has this in stock for the hefty sum of $69.99. Canadians aren’t the only ones getting gouged.

    • StarWarsCollectorNB

      I can feel your pain too. So the prices are all over the place on both sides of the border. Let the damn thing rot on the shelves. I ll pick one up on sale later.

  • Raymond van Putten

    Well it’s been like this for years in The Netherlands. Stores don’t carry anything and when they do you pay inflated prices. I have to import my stuff from the US, Hong Kong or Germany. That doesn’t sound that bad until you see the charge you get from customs for ordering stuff outside of Europe. It’s 2013 and still Hasbro’s distribution is as bad as it was in 1995.

  • Plastic_Empire

    I live in Canada and I don’t need a Biggs X-Wing that bad. 74.99 plus 13% sales tax in Ontario? No thank you TRU and Hasbro Canada no thank you.

    Didn’t we just get the Death Star Trench Run with 2 ships for 99.99 in Canada what is with this 74.99 bs? Come on!

  • flyguy

    Dudes in the USA and Canada, we hear you and I raise you that:

    A) if it does come to Australia It will likely cost more here, maybe even $100 USD too.
    B) we might not even get it : )
    C) I ordered mine from and it cost about $85USD shipped.
    D) I have to say to be grateful you get it… and overall so ‘relatively’ low cost.

    Do agree with you about the price hikes overall though. One price and let regional currencies dictate. Don’t get me started on regional LEGO pricing though….

  • AWwriter

    It’s more expensive in Canada due to the ridiculous import fees they charge. This guy spammed this letter to every Star Wars site, it seems, and people are quick to jump to “price gouging” and “scalping” which is absurd (particularly since the former includes necessary goods during times of shortage, not grown ups buying toys LOL).

    The truth is, Canada is making it very expensive to do business with them. And wow, they sure charge a lot of tax. Then again, Canada has Heath care – I’d pay a little more tax if my entire country had health benefits. Taxes pay for things.

    In any case, I think the thing is ridiculously overpriced at $60, so I’m not buying. But I’m not making up a rant and sending it to every site known to man using terms I don’t understand about it – just not buying it. If you want to complain, it would be much more effective to start at home with your own government which is setting import fees so high, or taxing you so much. I guess it’s just easier to write to fan sites and get people all riled up instead of attacking the actual problem.