• Bman the First

    I’d happily pay that right now, since I’m unlikely to find it in Canada for a while yet nor at a comparable price.

  • Rick S.

    I just can’t believe it! Call me naive, but I thought this ship was an all new sculpt! ( or was hoping it was.) Well,for as mad as I am, I have to admit that I will(probably{OK definitely}) be buying this ship. I bought the first AotC gunship, and passed on every single one of the remakes! The only one I wish I’d bought was the Toys R Us hunt for grievous one. Now, the ship(60$),the turrets(25$×2),and the figures(hopefully 3 TVC quality figs 10$×3)add up to a pretty decent deal. I’d try waiting for a price drop, but with my luck I’d wait too long and they’d sell out and I’d end up having to pay 200$ online. Happy Hunting my Friends!

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    What doesn’t make sense is that Hasbro never packs in figures with the TVC vehicles, because they claim that the packaging is aimed at adults. Then they DO add in figures that are aimed at kids! Hasbro is all over the place. I’m sick and tired of their games. I refuse to pay more for BOTH a nostalgia tax AND 5POA figures that are inferior to Hasbro’s older product.

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  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I think this should be about $75 – with no figures included.

    • Darth Eddie

      $99.99 tops. That’s my take. Three included figures and desirable ball turrets or not, this thing just has $99.99 written all over it and it just seems like the right price.

      I’m pretty sure with the Christmas shopping frenzy and Black Friday hitting in just two months’ time that the price will drop and even substantially for the Holiday retail season, but a hundred bucks seems like the right launch price and then they can proceed from there.

      • TimiFett

        I don’t know if you will ever see a price drop on these. Hasbro is hell-bent on gouging fans and everybody knows TRU is the most expensive place to buy. The TRUs in my area still have the vintage style Falcon for $250. Plus, how many times has Hasbro recycled this mold? Haven’t they earned enough off of it to pass a little savings on to collectors?

        • Darth Eddie

          Were these a brick-and-mortar product and not restricted to online then a store chain would eventually feel the pressure to mark down a $100 ship in a big box just to try to get rid of a few of them. The $250 Falcon that’s still sitting in a lot of TRU stores from coast to coast has undergone at least two sharp markdowns I can think of and will probably see at least one more before they’re scooped up and removed from the sales floors.

          But yeah, agreed on the repeated uses of this mold. They’ve milked this thing umpteen times over the past eleven years and it’s not remotely as if it’s something fresh and new off the drawing boards of their designers. I don’t look at the cost of the last Legacy version of the Gunship as much as I do the age of the mold and the bad economy. $99.99 seems reasonable for something that was designed that long ago and is going to be sold at a time where more people are just plain reluctant to drop three digits on one ship, included ball turrets or not.

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  • Hodor

    $120?! That’s rather ridiculous. I vividly remember buying the ROTS Gunship back in 2005 for $40, and it wasn’t even on sale, it was just put out.

  • studlydudly

    I don’t need any of the included figures

  • TimiFett

    $120!!! Are you kidding? I like how after 35 years I am getting priced out of the thing I love. This isn’t just TRU, either. Look at the Slave 1 on Amazon. Not worth $100. Seriously, why are prices on these things skyrocketing? And don’t try to blame it on oil/plastic prices or the special collector’s box. This is just plain ole bullsh*t.

    • Solo_Calrissian

      Our good buddy Paul at Jedi Temple Archives talked me off the ledge a bit with factoring in the aftermarket value of the pods that didnt come with the last 79.99 version. It’d be around $130 plus tax & shipping. That said, I’m not sure I’d even consider this one unless it was a Hunt for Grevious…

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    even though the odds are slim, this is worth an investigatory trip to my TRU!

  • Darth_Raww

    Leave it to Price-Gougers “R” Us…