Update: The Mara Fix 2.0


For folks looking for second alternative to replacing the less-than-flattering Mara Jade head sculpt, collectors might want to check out the new Inferno Cannon Black Widow figure from the Avengers Assemble line. Click on through for the results.

While it is not as a direct replacement as the Marvel Universe head was, this one is a bit more dynamic for the character. The skin tone doesn’t match the Mara Jade body exactly and the head socket needs to be bored out a bit (I used a 3/16″ drill bit). The results again, are a head above what was issued from Hasbro.




  • heybert17

    I know a few girls that apply their makeup like this, the focus on the foundation on their face and it doesn’t match the rest of their skin tone.

  • Darth Eddie

    She kinda reminds me of the warrior princess in the hallucinations that both Kenny as well as Kyle’s dad experienced when they “cheesed” on SOUTH PARK.

    And that, my friends, is the only comment I can make about that without being censored. =0D

  • Peakob1

    like that third one Nice job. I wouldn’t mind getting this figure when she comes out but i wont be messing with her 80’s doo i like it too much

  • Captainyoda

    That Dark Phoenix figure has a great head sculpt and paint job too. Why have the marvel figures had prettier faces than the Star Wars faces? The Shae Vizla head was not good either.

  • Bob Villa

    all fine and dandy with the head swapping but one thing remains… this line is a big epic fail so far! People should not have had to do this to begin with…

  • BigJim Slade

    Have you tried using the head of Dark Phoenix from the comic 2-Pack? Her hair is more of a true red and it looks like the skin is lighter. It may match the skin tone of Mara better than Black Widow’s.

    • BigJim Slade

      Comic 2-Pack

      • YAK_Jayson

        Hmm.. I may try that one too.

  • How much is this on and is it available in England?

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  • RumSleg

    This is another great headswap. I just wish her hair didn’t look like it was blowing in the wind.

    • YAK_Jayson

      Works well for those action-y poses.

      • RumSleg

        Or when she’s flying an X-Wing and the canopy is leaking. 🙂

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  • Paul B

    Can you post all three pictures side by side comparison shots please???

    • YAK_Jayson


  • Darth Eddie

    This looks absolutely great.

    It’s what Hasbro could have done but chose not to.

    • I believe there would have been plenty of backlash if Hasbro took the easy way out and just gave us a recycled Marvel Universe head on our Fans’ Choice Mara Jade. I think we all *expected* them to sculpt an all-new head for this one. I have to give them at least some credit for trying. Unfortunately it didn’t come out so great, so in the end, many of us would prefer the Black Widow head. I suppose you can say hindsight is 20/20. 😉

      • Darth Eddie

        I don’t mean literally recycling a Marvel Universe head on a Star Wars figure to sell at mass retail, of course, but a head that looked more like this one would be vastly superior to the one we got to be certain. It’s the look they should have used, not the same head.

        Sure, they get credit for trying. I don’t think anyone won’t give them at least some credit for making a brand new Mara completely from scratch and not recycling a dozen parts from some past figure.

        After all, they nailed the body – it’s incredible and one of the best female body molds for any 3.75″ Star Wars figure ever – but the head was a misfire and one that looked more like this Black Widow sculpt would have proven a lot more popular and less controversial.

  • Matthew

    I think you have two more versions to try – the MU regular BW figure and the ScarJo version. I really like both

    • Matthew

      What is the cost of the Exclusive one?

      • YAK_Jayson


  • Arnold Corso

    I’m working on a custom for this figure. I’m cutting the hair off this version of Black Widow and then I’m going to attach it to Mara. It probably won’t be ready for a while, but that might be an alternative for those who – like me – can’t get over the skin tone.