Thursday April 24th 2014

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Toyguide Update: Death Star Scanning Crew (Kmart Exclusive)


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry for the Vintage Collection. Today, next take a look at one of three Kmart exclusives – the Death Star Scanning Crew set.

PROS: Hasbro again develops a great set of Vintage exclusives for the holiday season. A great army building set and nice to get another commissioned officer for the Imperial ranks – in black to boot! Articulation and deco is solid between the two figures and the new head for the officer is a welcome bonus. (Could this be Pol Treidum? - It would make sense to complement TK-421 in the other set.)

CONS: Availability is spotty as of now. Hasbro could/should retire those leg molds for that Imperial Officer due to the wonky knee and ankle joints. Accessories aren’t as astounding as the other set but still necessary to complete the package if you missed out on the prior equipment.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

You can also weigh in with your impressions on the figures we add to our toyguide on facebook and in our forums.

  • studlydudly

    does the tech have a different head from the original release a few years ago?

    • Jayson Krebsbach

      the tech in this set has the same head as the TLC version. The other scanning crew set has a new head for the tech

      • studlydudly

        thanks, and how disappointing that Hasbro couldn’t have tweaked the head somehow to be a little different

  • TheaterG33k

    The paint job on the scanner box is different than the TLC one. I think it’s more screen accurate.

    • Jayson Krebsbach

      Yep, covered that in the toyguide