Kmart Exclusives: A Cautionary Tale


Before you get too excited when coming upon the new Kmart exclusives in stores, be sure to check for evidence of tampering as forum member local_gotal was treated to an unwelcome surprise.

I was elated to find the two Scanning Crew Packs hanging off the pegs of my local K-Mart. That elation turned to anger when I got home to open them and found a POTJ Sasee-Tinn/ Plo Koon in one pack and a POTJ Sandtrooper/ Saga Hoth Rebel in the other. Word of warning, be sure to check these blind boxed sets in the parking lot before you leave, it’s a shame we have to do that. Fortunately, I was able to drive back to K-Mart and exchange them for two other set left on the top shelf. This is theft – it really needs to stop.


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  • Pryme Tyme

    Pretty bad

  • Pryme Tyme

    I to was a victim of the ole switcheroo. Last year I got vintage Ewoks from the 80s in my Ewok box set:-(. Trying to explain what happen was a big waste of time. Loss prevention doesn’t focus on toy theft like they should. Basically your safe bet with Kmart exclusives is to purchase online or inspect the box for tampering.

  • Oscar Francisco Fuentes Davila

    hahahahahahaha lol , for that reason, I collect sideshow and hot toys

  • tr

    k mart has also been very slack with the 3.75inch black series. sure the figures have arrived already, but they dont seem to get that ppl buy them and they need re-stocking..

  • Tamer

    Pretty sad I do agree. I think the biggest thing that bothers me about this if if we as humans are willing to sink so low as to do this with $15 toys, what other indicators do you need to prove gradual moral decay of society in general. I will admit a bit of a stretch, but still just saying…

  • scockery

    Hey, is that Sandtrooper the rare OTC version?
    Decent figure to waste for fraud purposes. But I’ve seen that happen before.

    • Local Gotal

      I initially said it was the POTJ Sandtrooper, but looking at the image again it’s from the old EE troop builder sets -which is a repaint of the same mold.

  • Darin Chambers

    About 5-6 years ago we had a rush of things like this at Kmart (it was always kmart). Figures, not just Star Wars, would have the head swapped out or a figure on a car totally switched out

  • Keith Lindow

    The last two times I was at K-Mart in my city they didn’t even have any Star Wars stuff. Not even a place on the shelf for it. Their toy department is a joke. Sorry to hear this happen to ya, that’s terrible. Stores need to be made more aware of this and Hasbro needs to be told as well, so maybe they can change the box design a bit so you can see inside it somehow.

  • Peakob1

    That is sick >=o

  • Walter F.

    That’s just BS. Treated those figures like prey and knew what they were going to do before they done it. That’s Cheap Low Life Scum right there.
    Luckly You got to replace them Local Gotal. Lord only knows who don’t get to out there because of these people.

  • These figures, all of which are new to one degree or another (including repaint perspective) and break down to $8 each, are $2 cheaper than the average retail figure. AND THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE.You’re telling me this DB couldnt support the economy that minimally? Hang up the hobby, “buddy” because you’re making us all sick. If you can’t afford it, call collecting “quits”.

  • SarlaacSurvivor

    Makes me wonder sometimes about the traders selling these kind of sets loose online not long after general release?…..

    How anyone can do this is beyond me, clearly not true collectors doing it! We pay full price for our figures and that’s what keeps the line alive!

    • It makes you also wonder sometimes when you see so many of these on eBay for loose. I am sure you can just buy them legitmately and split up the two-pack, but I don’t know anymore. Too many “have nots” in this world today working with unscrupulous ethics.

    • Xo Tica

      It makes my blood boil when they sell the loose figures for a lot more than the set.
      This was pure theft ,simple. It’s a shame the box set didn’t have a flap on the front do you could see the figures you are buying.

  • bobcat

    ya, this is very lame! you dont do stuff like that! if you buy things and want to sell it down the road cause your sick of it and want other things in your collection thats fine but swapping figures u dont want for new ones is a pretty lame move! just rude and sneaky and lame!

  • And this is why I’m so hesitant about online ordering, especially on something like this. If it’s a TRU exclusive, no big deal, that I can take to the store. But if this happened with a KMart exclusive, I have to send it back and wait and hope that the next time it isn’t messed up. It’s a lot of hassle.

    • Pssht! Online may be your safest bet. I doubt anyone is doing anything at the factory level like this. Although I guess a return to the factory with this crime is possible too.

      • Xo Tica

        It’s along journey from the factory to the warehouse my good friend. Anything can happen.
        I wonder if a lot of the loose figures are seconds which are bought through Hong Kong cheaply to be sold on.

  • darthmadonna

    Man that sux! At least with most figure swapping there is the bubble so you can see and tell. This unfortunately has the closed box making it really lame and rude.

  • People are still doing this? My faith in humanity degrades every time a grown man goes out of his way to steal 15 dollar toys…

    • Local Gotal

      They shouldn’t be collecting non essential items if $15 dollars is breaking the bank.

      • C W Chenery

        Nailed it.

  • brad england

    Deserves a face punchin, John Wayne style.

  • Miguel Sandoval

    No offense, but people like yourself need to share the love and stop buying up all of these figures and leave some for the rest us! It is apparent that some of you ARE GUILTY of buying more than YOUR FAIR SHARE! This news is a perfect example of the karma. You already had yours now leave something for the rest that have none! My wife traveled to two different KMarts for me today looking for any one of these and found Nada! WTF?!

    • Local Gotal

      I’m not sure who this is addressed to me, if not my apologies – but you must have misread my report. This is the first time I found these sets at retail and I only purchased one of each set. I do not army build.

      • sybeck1

        Its your money, don’t apologize. I myself have given up on going to get these retail and paid a $25 premium on Ebay. Who knows what will be in the box Thursday when they arrive though

      • C W Chenery

        Don’t justify yourself to strangers mate. It’s not worth it.

      • LOL, Local Gotal. “I am an innocent man!”

      • DarthPudgy

        Aren’t we told regularly at these sites that we need to buy figures at full price so Hasbro keeps making them? Buy as many as you like.

    • C W Chenery

      It doesn’t matter if this was his first purchase of this set or his tenth. He was a victim of theft, plain and simple. Your rant because you weren’t able to find a set is way out of line. There was nothing in his post that even implied he had multiple sets. There are two sets out and he bought one of each. It’s sad that you can justify him being stolen from because you didn’t get what you wanted. You’re stamping your foot like a five year old.

      I army build rebel pilots, droids and Imperials. I don’t scalp or resale. I take them out of the package and display them with my collection. By your logic I deserve to be stolen from too. You need to grow up a bit mate.

      • Xo Tica

        I don’t think he’s directing his comment at Local Gotal , but at the scalper scum who give us responsible collectors a bad name.

    • AWwriter

      Your wife has to shop for you? How precious.

      Anyway, it’s likely they simply don’t have them in yet. Kmart is not real big on getting things out to all stores at the same time. Be greatful you have two KMarts near you, as many have closed and some of us have to drive an hour to get to one, if there are any at all.

      And as an adult, don’t try to make people feel bad for you – it’s kinda pathetic particularly since you send your wife to do the leg work. If you had said you were getting them for a kid you almost may have had a point if you weren’t wrong about the post to begin with, but even then a grown man yelling and crying about $15 toys is sad and pathetic since if your really wanted you could man up and get them online for not much more.

      • Xo Tica

        It’s probably a distribution issue.
        As to his wife going to the stores , it could be due to a number of issues ; he could be working night shifts, he could be in a wheel chair, etc.

        • AWwriter

          I’m sure it could be any number of reasons wifie-pooh was out shopping for him, and inherently nothing wrong with your wife (or husband) shopping for you, but considering he sounds like a spoiled brat, like the world owes him a set – it just sounds like he should grow a set. 😉

          • Xo Tica

            I hear what you are saying, he’s probably just blowing off some steam. We all know that there are times when we want something, and we search and wait and nothing seems to show up. Even I get frustrated since I live in England ,and when sets turn up I have to pay 50% more for them in my local currency.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    People who do this are complete jack@sses. Talk about pathetic. I hope they got a flat tire after they returned these.

    • Local Gotal

      When I spoke with the person at the service center, I told her to make sure loss prevention was aware of the incident – if she did is another question.

  • Daniel Pickett

    That happened to me last year with the Ewok set from Kmart. I friend found me a set out of state (since Kmarts are few and far between here in Los Angeles). I didn’t get around to opening them for a few weeks and when I did, I didn’t find ewoks inside… I got beat-up, vintage WalrusMan and Death Squad Commander. By the time I found the switchero they were already gone from stores.

    • Local Gotal


  • Darren Taylor

    Bad enough for adult collectors to find this. What about when it’s bought by a kindly aunt for a 6-yr-old fankid, wrapped up with love and care, and then opened on a birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas Day?

    Be warned scumbags, we are Adult Collectors, we Serve and Protect, and We Are Onto You.

    • Local Gotal

      Yes, exactly!!! I’ve only come across one other swapped figure, and that was back in the Legacy Line. Someone actually took the time to remove one of the droids from the Walmart “Droid Factory” two packs and go through the time to repaint an R2 figure to match the Astro they stole. Ugh!!!

      • Sjefke

        Ugh! Sorry man. Did they let you exchange your purchases today?

        • Local Gotal

          Yes, I was able to exchange for two other sets they had on the shelf. Great to finally get the Scanning box- such a neat accessory.

  • Nick Dickens

    Disgusting! They’re thirds. No Star Wars fan would do that. I’d like to think that was a factory mix up but I doubt it.

    • Aric James

      Not a factory error by any stretch of the imagination. Disgusting opportunistic thievery pure and simple.

      • Nick Dickens

        I agree, I was hoping that it’d be an error like that, but in my heart I knew it would be someone from a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • Mike S

    That’s pure evil.