Amazon’s Slave I Problems Persist


Yakface reader Mark T. writes in with his less than idea experience in ordering the exclusive Slave I from Amazon.

Hi there, I wanted to share my recent ordeal with the Amazon Slave 1 and to warn collectors: Always open your boxes!  Since getting the Slave 1 nearly a month ago, I had been hesitant to open it, preferring to enjoy the factory sealed vintage style packaging. I was fortunate enough to get one in beautiful crisp condition, no damage. But recently my curiosity won over and I decided to check the ship out. I was horrified to find that it had shipped with two right wings rather than one of each. Also, no Han in carbonite.


I was lucky to catch this with two days left in my return period, but I could not simply exchange for another ship because it is currently “unavailable.” (Meanwhile Amazon’s Marketplace merchants are selling the Slave 1 at scalper prices.) I reluctantly returned the ship, knowing I may have to pay an absurd price to ever get one in acceptable condition. I followed up with a frank email to Amazon customer service detailing my frustration. I got a reply explaining that this has been a reoccurring problem and the Slave 1 would be available again when the issue is resolved. They also offered free 1 day shipping when I go to place my order, as well as a slight discount on the ship. So that’s nice to hear, I just hope they actually are getting the problems fixed and not just pacifying me. By the way, as of writing this the Slave 1 is available as an Amazon Warehouse Deal for $93, and that’s in used condition. Disgusting.


Ugh, sorry to hear of your troubles Mark.

  • cdman

    I had the same problem!!! Got mine the first time it came out and was happy to receive a mint condition box but when I opened them… 2 left chin guns!!! I contacted hasbro customer service and sent them a picture but they said they don’t have parts for the Slave 1 that they can send me, so if anyone have 2 right chin guns, I will be willing to trade one of my left chin gun…

  • Ariel Zapata

    Im sorry but its kind of funny. 32 years and two different toy companies later they still screwed it up the same way. I also got two of the same side wings. Back in the 1981 when the Slave 1 first came out, it was a birthday gift. I was so bummed, I had to write to Kenner to get it sorted out. I feel your pain buddy.

    • Mark Tripp

      I think I would rather deal with Kenner in 1981 than these companies today. -Even with the mandatory “6-8 week wait” we had on everything back then. Haha!

  • Wesley Jamie Smith

    I had something similar to this happen to me once with an X-Wing. It was the Saga Luke X-Wing. It had 3 of one of the wing blasters and 1 of the other instead of 2 & 2. I was never able to get it corrected.