Friday April 18th 2014

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Older Legends Figures Continue to Appear


If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls store in your area, it may be worth your while to swing by and see what they are stocking for the Christmas shopping season.  Many stores are still receiving older Legends figures for $4.99 each (which are fantastic kid and collector friendly figures), mid size vehicles in the Clone Wars line at discount prices, and even the giant MTT for $79.99.

  • heybert17

    My TJ Maxx never gets these things, maybe a couple old figures sometimes but never the vehicles or anything else.

  • studlydudly

    my closest Marshall’s has a Mace and a Destroyer Droid, both pod racers and the Sith Infiltrator, some role play and a lot of Angry Bird Crap

  • Scott

    Those have been pretty common @ Marshall’s and TJ Maxx these past few months, along with SL Obi-Wan and Yoda and Shock Trooper.

    It would be nice if that SL GREEDO ever shown up! Or the 501st, never seen either one.

    • Darth Eddie

      I have the 501st Clone in that line, but I’ve never – NEVER – seen the Greedo. I’ve seen more Spacetroopers than I have Greedos.

      • Scott

        It took forever for me to finally find the SL Bossk, and the only one I’d found @ Wal-Mart had the cardback all bashed and bent up – not affecting the figure itself. Same condition when I found that “season 3″ CW Ahsoka, same store.

        Luckily I found a similar Greedo with a soft goods vest and a reprint of his original cardback for $3 at Dallas Vintage. He’s about as articulated as I could want with him.

        • Darth Eddie

          I finally found the Bossk, but just one of him. Same with Zuckuss. The Bounty Hunters in the 2010-11 Saga Legends line went fast. Real fast.