Friday April 25th 2014

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Sixth Scale Tauntaun and Hoth Luke Pre-Order Info


Sideshow has updated today with pre-order information for their 1:6 scale Tauntaun and Commander Luke Skywalker figures. Prices are $349.99 and $199.99 respectively. Pre-orders start this Thursday.

  • TimiFett

    The price on this is ridiculous! They are charging almost the same as Hot Toys. I know Hot Toys, and Sideshow, you are no Hot Toys.

  • Leland Newhauser

    HOLY SHNIKIES!!!!!!!!! Awesome item but a bummer of a price. That’s almost as much as a SS PF figure!


    The pricing is offensive. They are pricing most of the collecting community out. They will soon have edition sizes in double digits if they keep this up. Plus, if they want me t pay $350 for a tauntaun, at least make the face look like a tauntaun. It won’t even have articulation. It’s a statue for goodness sake.