Saturday April 19th 2014

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Five Below Continues to Stock Vintage


Last night, I came across another Vintage dump at Five Below of the Darth Malgus wave.  So if you’ve got one of these stores in your area, it may be worth your time to swing by and see if you can pick up any more goodies like the fantastic Imperial Navy Commander figure.

Personal Note:  It’s fun finding great figures for cheap, but this also adds more Phantom Menace carry forwards for Five Below to try and move, and quite honestly, this keeps me from buying Black Series figures at other stores for $10.00 a pop when great figures can be had for this price at discount stores… and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I also can’t help but wonder how the poor 2012 showing for Hasbro continues to impact the current state of the hobby.

  • DarthMaul208

    I also have this “problem” I am skipping the black series despite wanting them as at the range I can get 2 for £10 of the malgus wave onwards. I have only found the Tarkin and bom vimdin but I have a member of staff who is going to save for me a malgus,tor trooper, Ahsoka Anakin, obi-wan, shae vizla and starkiller. He said they had malgus in but so far no luck. and so I have stopped with the tbs. I am waiting till they are reduced!