Keep Checking Your Toys”R”Us


I was doing some last minute shopping last night and this morning and noticed that my local Toys”R”Us stores have really stepped up and are keeping the aisle full.


I posted on Facebook last night coming across a huge pile of the TRU Exclusive Marvel Universe Black Widow figures (used for improving those Black Series Mara Jade) once thought long gone. (Location: Blaine, MN)


This morning I also came across 3 cases of 6″ Black Series figures including all 3 Boba Fetts. In the end, left them all in hopes that someone else can take advantage of these finds to make Christmas a bit brighter for some collector out there. (Location: Maple Grove, MN)

  • LOL All I saw were Slave Leia 6 inch figures! My local Wal-Mart, Kmart, and collectable stores got all the good stuff!

  • Ryan Murphy

    oh man i live so close to both yet its a hit and miss sometimes

  • Jub Goobles

    Checked mine, too. They’ve been getting and quickly selling 6″ Wave 2, but they keep opening 3 3/4″ Wave 1 cases. Biggs sells, oddly, but Anakin, Vader, Scout Trooper, and those clones are clogging the pegs. Biggs goes faster than Amidala.

    • Michael Fink

      People probably buy Biggs to go with the exclusive x-wing.

      • Sjefke

        Not enough people. I got mine, but there must be a dozen Biggs hanging at my TRU.