2014 LEGO Polybags Revealed


Our friends at JediDefender have alerts us to news that 3 new LEGO Polybags have been revealed for 2014. Although the details of their release is unknown, it’s pretty much a safe bet that they’ll be distributed at Target, Walmart and Toys”R”Us here in the US. ¬†Head on over to GrooveBricks.com to check out Anakin’s green Jedi Starfighter, ¬†Imperial Shuttle and the ARC 170 Starfighter.

  • David Strohmenger

    There’s also a TC-4 polybag that is currently a Hong Kong Toys “R” Us exclusive. It’ll probably turn up elsewhere this year. It can be seen here:


  • Hey, since we are talking Lego (which doesn’t seem to come up as often), does anybody know what happened to the Planet sets Series 4. That would have been 75009-1, 75010-1 and 75011-1, the Snowspeeder, B-Wing Starfighter and Tantive IV sets. They are listed as 2013 sets, were revealed at the same time as Series 3 I believe, but have just never materialized (in the U.S. anyway). Any insight would be appreciated.

  • I suppose I will get these when they are free in the paper here? how does the rest of the world get them?

    • They are usually in the check out lanes or in the seasonal aisle (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) at Target, Walmart and ToysRUs here in the states.

      • so it’s much easier to get them then. I wanted the Iron Patriot polybag but couldn’t as it’s American only. if you know any one who would sell me one cheaply could you let me know as they are quite expensive on ebay. plus the shipping! I wish we could just pick them up! How much are they each?

        • The most recent one I bought was the Umbaran MHC, a Target exclusive here in the States. It came out around Halloween in their seasonal section for $3.99. The last one I remember at TRU was Anakin’s Podracer for $4.99 or it was free with a fair-sized purchase ($35-$50 I believe). Walmart had a PDQ of 3 different styles in their sesonal aisle a while back (either Easter or X-mas 2012) and were roughly $3.98-$4.98. I hope that helps.