• Miguel Sandoval

    Looks like someone hid him and an employee found it and put it back on the peg. It’s the only figure on the peg Hello! Anomaly!

    • HeroOfCanton

      There were a couple more SW Black figures, but no one as rare or important as Darth Plagueis. I think it was a situation of that Walgreens just getting one of those incomplete case, and that case just happened to have a hard-to-find figure.

      • HeroOfCanton

        Oops, sorry, lol, I just realized you must be talking about the pic from the story! My mistake 🙂

  • HeroOfCanton

    While doing some after-Christmas clearance shopping on Dec. 30, I found Plagueis at a Walgreens here in south Georgia. I was searching for some hard-to-find GI Joes that have been appearing at those stores, and I was shocked to come face-to-face with Plagueis! No sign of Mara Jade or any other noteworthy figures though. I still haven’t spotted any signs of wave 3 in any other stores in the area.

    • Jub Goobles

      I believe Walgreens only puts one or two out on the pegs and keeps the rest in the back as a theft prevention tactic. You might be able to ask and they’ll get more from the back.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        They only put out 1-2 at a time because that’s all they get. They don’t receive full cases typically. When the distribution center sends these out, they bust them up into singles because that’s how the store orders them – just a couple at a time. I was a manager there for several years… horrible job. lol

        • HeroOfCanton

          Yeah, I’ve seen grocery stores and other pharmacies receive random “Hasbro” cases that contained basically an assortment of Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, etc… My local Kroger gets these all the time. I think that Plagueis must have come from one of those types of cases.