Why the Figure Subscription Model Should Be Avoided


For a long time now, Star Wars collectors have rightfully complained about the distribution and availability of figures at retail — the ones they want to buy any way — and have suggested that Hasbro, through their website, offer a subscription service in the vein of what Mattel does with their Matty Collector programs. If there has ever been a clearer example of why this should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS I haven’t seen it.

Mattel and Matty Collector released a statement via Facebook that due to being unable to meet minimum subscription requirements, a certain character won’t be released as intended and will now be a SDCC ’14 exclusive – and we all know how easy those are to pick up right?

Also of interest in this article is that Mattel will be moving away from selling ultra-articulated (Black Series-style) 6″ figures at retail due to rising manufacturing costs. As a replacement, they will offer a Total Heroes 6″ line with reduced articulation (sound eerily familiar?) and offer Total Heroes Ultra super-articulated companion figures via Matty Collector via subscription only.

I urge that those whom wish Hasbro adopt this type of service read the article from Mattel and be convinced that subscription-based releases can only mean one thing… frustration. Plus, spending money on figures you may not want to get a figure that you do want? No thanks.