• johnnyfett

    what’s the latest on this? anyone know if the malware issue has been fixed?

  • jeremyohio

    Figures. Now Darth Plagueis will go up for sale on the site.

  • Terri Paxton

    yikes…I was there a few days ago. But I’m on a mac and they are not highly prone to the same malware. (Peering cautiously at the sentry program logs….)

  • Ryan Murphy

    reads article. goes to computers security program. notification potentially unprotected

  • DarthFlan

    And Who says Hasbro has ‘Distribution’ Problems?

    • Arnold Corso

      brilliant. If only they could distribute their figures this well…

  • studlydudly

    it figures, since I was just there looking at the article and slide show about the new droid for Rebels

    if I’m gone for a few days, you might know why

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    This might actually be friendliest press they’ve gotten in a while.

  • Mastercole583

    well im not visiting there for a while just broke a computer a couple months ago and im certainly not letting this one get infected