Monday May 25th 2015

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Hasbro Website Spreading Malware


Barracuda Labs has posted an article stating that Hasbro’s website (link not included for obvious reasons), is responsible for spreading malware to visitor’s computers. It is recommended to avoid the site until the issue is addressed.

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  • Mastercole583

    well im not visiting there for a while just broke a computer a couple months ago and im certainly not letting this one get infected

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    This might actually be friendliest press they’ve gotten in a while.

  • studlydudly

    it figures, since I was just there looking at the article and slide show about the new droid for Rebels

    if I’m gone for a few days, you might know why

  • DarthFlan

    And Who says Hasbro has ‘Distribution’ Problems?

    • Arnold Corso

      brilliant. If only they could distribute their figures this well…

  • Ryan Murphy

    reads article. goes to computers security program. notification potentially unprotected

  • Terri Paxton

    yikes…I was there a few days ago. But I’m on a mac and they are not highly prone to the same malware. (Peering cautiously at the sentry program logs….)

  • jeremyohio

    Figures. Now Darth Plagueis will go up for sale on the site.

  • johnnyfett

    what’s the latest on this? anyone know if the malware issue has been fixed?