• Generation42

    I think Chopper needs a nice dirty wash if he’s ever going to match what we’ve seen of his look from the series.

  • TheaterG33k

    Er…this cartoon is looking worse and worse with every reveal.

  • Peakob1

    Well……At least the head turns.
    I would have at least put one or both of them arms on his head!
    I’ll buy him! Shrugs

  • I love it!

  • Darth Eddie

    It’s Ralph McQuarrie meets a Creamsicle, and I have to say I like him.

    • boo-hiss

      • Darth Eddie

        LOL! =0) Not a Creamsicle fan, I take it?

        • LOL. Actually, no, I am not crazy about those. I prefer pudding pops but they’re nearly impossible to find anymore.

          • Darth Eddie

            Man, tell me about it.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Cute, but I don’t dig animated styling. I’m kind of on the fence.