Friday May 22nd 2015

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Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro Presentation Images


We’ve uploaded the first batch of Hasbro images from their Toy Fair presentation to our Facebook page. Check them out and give them a like and a share.

  • Local Gotal

    REALLY impressed with what we saw this year! Definitely some great stuff for OT collectors. I did notice that it appears Ree-Yees and Doallyn switched wepons. Ree-Yees should have the two blasters (updates to the same two the POTF2 figure had), while Doallyn should come with the vibro-ax.

    • Peakob1

      Nice observation, totally missed that! I just hope they don’t leave it that way, and we have to change it back our selves when we hunt them down!

      • Local Gotal

        I’m sure it will be fixed at retail. I think this happened one time before-Wioslea was shown with Obi Wan’s light saber.

        • Peakob1

          I keep thinking if they hired a few of us , we can clear up all the inconsistencies they have every year and give them some steller ideas on future product lines!

  • TheaterG33k

    The new Black series packaging is a LOT better, too.

  • studlydudly

    no Rebels vehicles shown yet