LEGO UCS Sandcrawler Due in May


After an unsuccessful Cuusoo campaign last year, fans of the Sandcrawler now have an official set to budget for coming this May. An image from the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded hit the web via Flickr a couple days ago which confirms a leak from back in December by Chowren Toys. The UCS Sandcrawler (75059) includes a ton of play features and several mini figures including Uncle Owen and a complement of disgusting Jawas. Look for the price to be in the $300-$400 range here in the US.

Thanks to Chris S. from BanthaSkull for the reminder.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Another huge LEGO set… typical that they can do a $300-$400 Sandcrawler but Hasbro can’t do a $125-range one… the list goes on and on…

    • Here’s what the contrarians will say: LEGO is an investment, not a toy exactly (LOL!), LEGO can charge more because it’s an educational toy and $300 in LEGO versus $100 in Hasbro is easier to spend and more appealing (LOL!)