• FatherBearNE

    Well, the SW site states that the EU is available to the filmmakers, etc, just not required. Marvel movies don’t incorporate every iteration and thread, they pull some and rework other elements. EU lives.

  • GTB

    This is what happens George Lucas when you sell your soul (or company) to the Devil (or…Galactic Empire).

  • LadyFerry

    Well that is over £1500.00 of my hard-earned cash wasted on Star Wars Expanded Universe Novels, Graphic Novels, Collectables and Toys down the toilet, now that Disney/Lucasfilm scraps nearly 25 years of Star Wars EU in favour of their new ‘story’ agenda. Thanks a bunch!

    Now, how do I go about getting a refund for all the cash I have spent?

    • Jason Gaber

      I agree. The same fans that have read the books for the last 30 years and helped keep SW alive enough to generate new movies are the same ones they are crapping all over. Gee thanks guys.

      • Jason

        I feel the same. I read pretty much everything and while they weren’t all great, there were some gems. I think it’s a shame to just trash everything when they could have kept everything that the new movies didn’t contradict.

  • IronMant

    These new movies will have to be something spectacular for me to say they trump expanded universe novels as canon. There were only a few novels I didn’t enjoy, and the only way I would place these movies over those novels is if they were written by Lucas himself.