3-3/4″ TBS Yoda Backpack Design Change


Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives have been posting some detailed, in-hand images of the new 3-3/4″ Black Series Dagobah Luke and Yoda figures. In the photography I noticed that the production version of the training backpack now features a side release buckle closure for the chest strap – original images showed a velcro/hook and loop style closure. Click the image above for a larger comparison.

  • GTB

    What in the world has happened at Hasbro? It seems as soon as the Vintage Collection ended, they decided to take a giant dump on the entire 3 and 3/4 figure line. The figure choices and some of the sculpts look like some kid with a starter kit made them in his basement. Did the entire Quality control team at Hasbro get laid off? A re-release of Dak? Really? Is the collector world still clamoring for Dak?

  • Jub Goobles

    I would totally wear that buckle.

  • TheaterG33k

    I think there are buckles that size on my kid’s baseball helmet.

  • Nathaniel Morin

    It wasn’t bad enough looking as it was, so it stands to reason that Hasbro found a way to make it worse. Goes well with Luke’s horrible elbow joints…

  • mordamire

    Sometimes I think hasbro wants to fail.

  • Paulskywalker

    Hasbro really is ran by stupid people.

  • studlydudly

    I’m sure that big buckle is a lot cheaper than some small strips of velcro

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    That buckle’s so big it might has well have Luke’s name on it.

    • LOL!

    • Adam-Brandy Holt

      Lol, or a logo for the “Professional Dewbackriding Association.”