Lost in Translation? Yoda Gets Severe Downgrade for TBS


By now, you have seen the loose images of the Yoda (3-3/4″ scale) from the Black Series over at Jedi Temple Archives and to say that many are disappointed in the final product would be an understatement. How did things go so wrong? Click on through to be reminded of the original/proposed design for this figure.

Here is a rendering by the designers at Boss Fight Studio on how the Black Series Yoda was envisioned. A far cry from the 5 POA in the final product, no? I will stipulate that the figure looks fine while wearing the soft goods but is that enough, in your mind, to make up for it? Was it really necessary for Hasbro to pull back this far on the articulation for what is advertised as a “collector” line?


(Click image above to supersize)

Alas, this isn’t the first or last time we’ve been disappointed in a figure. Remember Mara Jade?

  • darthmadonna

    This was the figure I was so excited for! Now I discover this 5 poa thing has oozed into TBS. yuck #Ihate5POA

  • Darth Eddie

    This is what we should be getting in stores. If not EXACTLY this, then at least something very close to it.

    It’s one thing for toy fair and convention display copies to be painted a little differently and not precisely match the final retail product, but the actual Yoda figure barely resembles the original images. Don’t advertise a classic sportscar and then sell a minimally-engineered lemon with a polished and shiny hood.

  • Oh boy, we are gonna have to hash this out on Saturday!

    • Darth Eddie

      Paul’s gonna be joining Flyguy and Jayson for this week’s show?


      • Not on The Realm Recap, but on Flyguy’s Boring Conversation Anyway podcast.

        • Darth Eddie

          Just as good a show!*

          *But don’t tell Jayson that. =0)

  • Daddy Timelord

    OK, while I know that we are all annoyed by this figure, I’m more annoyed by the fact that they misspelled Dagobah.

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    This figure is the missing link between what was and is now. The devolution of our hobby.

  • Outrageously disgusting….


    Yoda and Dagobah Luke are horrendous.

  • mordamire

    I used to her all excited about new products from Hasbro, now it is just more, and more disapointment

  • Jedichris24

    Srry I had to rant about this

  • Jedichris24

    This so called premium line is laughable!! two years ago we had saga legend figures that looked exactly like this figure for $7 Hasbro has got to go we need someone else to keep starwars collecting alive these guys give us repacks after repacks and terrible casing arrangements which don’t sell I have 5 black series Biggs in my target and all the walmarts in my area don’t even receive starwars figures because they know they won’t sell

  • Jedichris24

    I am sick of hasbro they are the definition of cheap scumbags give us what we want we pay $11 after taxes for these figures and we get

  • Kevin

    Y’know, I fully expect some people to argue that this makes it a better toy because hey, it’s more like the superior toys they had in the 70s! But yeah, looking at that proposed design is pretty mouthwatering. Why do they even have to cut costs on a figure that’s half the size of all the super articulated figures we get?

  • Shadow Imperium

    It’s heartbreaking. Yeah Yoda looks just fine with the robe, but why would I pay $10.99 for a legends figure with soft goods, oh and a bag…whoopy.

    Where does it end?

  • Epc

    So they decide to release a incredibly detailed saga legends figure into the TBS?

  • Nathaniel Morin

    A lot of the Black Series figures have been a bitter disappointment. The 3.75 inch Luke Dagobah is simply awful. And let’s not even start with the 6 inch Slave Leia…