Lost in Translation? Yoda Gets Severe Downgrade for TBS


By now, you have seen the loose images of the Yoda (3-3/4″ scale) from the Black Series over at Jedi Temple Archives and to say that many are disappointed in the final product would be an understatement. How did things go so wrong? Click on through to be reminded of the original/proposed design for this figure.

Here is a rendering by the designers at Boss Fight Studio on how the Black Series Yoda was envisioned. A far cry from the 5 POA in the final product, no? I will stipulate that the figure looks fine while wearing the soft goods but is that enough, in your mind, to make up for it? Was it really necessary for Hasbro to pull back this far on the articulation for what is advertised as a “collector” line?


(Click image above to supersize)

Alas, this isn’t the first or last time we’ve been disappointed in a figure. Remember Mara Jade?