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  • MattS71

    I’d prefer a repacked SDCC version with carbonite block

  • Wag of the Sith

    TBS 6″ is being added to the basic toy dept at wags in August for the fall/holiday season, probably the Anakin & Clone Trooper wave. The Boba Fett is not expected to arrive until October at the distribution centers. The Boba Fett and TBS Series are inventory linked. Maybe there will be more information on the deco at SDCC.

  • Skot Nealey

    Another chance for me to NOT get a 6″ Black Boba Fett due to scalpers. Yeah.

  • Todd Triforce Attwells

    Boba with a removable helmet from ROTJ, somtething they haven’t done even with the 3 3/4 inch figures as they have only made the ESB version. Let’s go sarlacc damaged!

  • The computer screen says the display is the exclusive, not the $19.99 figure. So unless there is more info being sat on, I just don’t know about this. Still seems odd that Walgreens would be involved with this at all.

    • Pinbacker

      I think it’s legit. They are apparently making a big push in the collectible toys department. Hasbro is giving them an exclusive Marvel Legends figure, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch that they are getting a repainted Black Series Boba Fett figure as well.

      • It would be great if it is. But as listed on the computer screen, that is NOT a Hasbro UPC.

    • DanteParadiso33 .

      Look on the bright side Paul. If it sucks you can buy some asprin while you’re there.

      • LOL! How true. What strikes me as strange is that the UPC listed is NOT a Hasbro UPC. I am not sure if that means anything or not. Do Walgreens stores create their own UPCs for products? I don’t know. But if that is the item’s actual UPC, then there is no way this is a Hasbro item.

        • DanteParadiso33 .

          I think they put Walgreens stickers over the UPC. At least they used to. I bought a Commander Fox figure there two years ago.

          • Good to know. Thanks.

          • Darth Eddie

            Oh, so there might be a Hasbro UPC underneath another one? Maybe that still leaves open the possibility of a 6″ repaint.

  • Darth Eddie

    A 6″ version of, say, the TVC Prototype Boba Fett figure?

    I’d buy it.

    That said: who knows what this will end up being.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    My very first thought was absolutely a Jakks Pacific large scale figure. There was rumour of an 20″ line (unlike the 31″ figs like Vader and Troopers) and talk of a Walgreen’s exclusive. I am sure that is what this will be.
    Having never seen a 6″ Boba in any toy department ever (apart from a single one at a Disney store – once, for $25) I can’t believe this is a hasbro product.


    • I think you’re closer to what this could be.

      • Darth Eddie

        A 31″ Boba? That’d actually be a hot item as an exclusive for a smaller chain like this. We wouldn’t be seeing a million unsold copies of them all over the place and jamming retail endcaps, and since it’s a Boba Fett that would automatically guarantee a lot of sales.

        All that said, I’d strongly prefer a repainted 6″ Fett in Prototype colors. But like Paul said this isn’t a Hasbro UPC, so….yeah.

        • Kraig Mclaughlin

          for 19.99, it would most likely be the new smaller 20″ line. the 31″ go for 29.99 at Target, Walmart (35 ish at my TRU), so 20 bucks seems right for a smaller figure.

        • It’s not a Jakks Pacific UPC either. Or a Creative Designs International UPC. Funny thing is, even though the company prefix on this UPC isn’t the usual one we see on Hasbro toys, when I run a search on it, it comes up as belonging to Hasbro. Weird.

          • Darth Eddie

            That really is bizarre. The plot thickens and deepens! I just hope all the anticipation is worth it and it’s not some really cheesy Boba Fett toy that we won’t be interested in.

  • I respect the folks at SWAN and all, but I just don’t know about this. An exclusive 6″ figure seems a little fishy to me. We need more information. It does look to be a Hasbro product based on the GS1 prefix, but how do we know it is TBS 6″? How do we know it is even an action figure and not an “accessory” (the other half of the category this product belongs to)? The other thing that has got me wondering is the “disp.” part of the item description. What is that? Dispenser? Display? Could it be a Boba Fett shaped display for Command figures? I don’t know. And as Arnie writes, it does seem odd that Walgreens would only charge $19.99 for such a desirable exclusive (if it is indeed a variant 6″ Boba Fett).

    • JsironStories

      As far as the price point goes, I don’t know… I have picked up the last two waves of Walking Dead figures for around 3-4 dollars less per figure than they retail at places like TRU (around $10 vs. the normal $15 my local TRU stores are asking for).

      Who knows with that wacky drug store?

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  • SlothFromHoth

    Walgreens? LOL! I did not see that one coming.

  • Steve Stuber

    With Carbonite Han? Or the Jedi version? That’s cool to hear though, but does Walgreens even carry TBS? I’ve never checked… not that retail is stocking anything I want anymore 🙁

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Yes, Walgreens has been stocking TBS 3.75 figures for a while – they were one of the few places that Plageuis was showing up at for a while – Walgrees rarely gets full cases in at a time though of toys. The warehouses bust up the cases and send singles to the stores in most instances.

      I would not be surprised at all for them to start carrying some 6″ scale Star Wars. They’ve been selling Walking Dead and Assassin’t Creed stuff for a while now.

      • Can we discuss that UPC more though? That isn’t a Hasbro UPC.