Toyguide Update: TBS #25 Dak Ralter


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry in the The Black Series 3-3/4″ line. Today, we take a look at Luke’s short-lived gunner, Dak Ralter (#25).

PROS: Well, if you like relatively generic army builder pilots for your Rebel dioramas and/or Imperial fodder this figure will perform that task adequately. Includes extra weapons – albeit the same as the TVC release – to accessorize other figures (can you tell I’m reaching?)

CONS: Did we really need/ask for another Dak? Paint on the head/balaclava is thin, exposing the underlying skin tone plastic and not the tightest of paint apps on the head/face with bleedover onto the checks  (at least on my sample – your experience may vary). This figure does have slight color differences compared the previous release TVC Dack/Dak. So if you’re a one of everything 3-3/4″ kind of collector you’ll need this one, too.

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