Monday May 25th 2015

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6″ Prototype Boba Fett Revealed

boba-fett-prototype-black-series has posted the first look at the exclusive 6″ Prototype Boba Fett coming to Walgreens this fall. This confirms the SWActionNews original report from last week. Pre-orders open for this at SDCC in a few short weeks.

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  • Darth Emmett

    Hope it comes with alternate helmet?!?!

    • Logan Starkiller Pynakker

      What for?

    • Jayson Krebsbach

      You’re thinking of the Concept Fett, this is the prototype Fett 😉

      • Darth Emmett

        You are correct. I am an idiot. :-)

  • John M Wood

    Solid. Good job Hasbro.

  • SlothFromHoth

    Easy pass. I’ll stick with my TVC version. It looks nice though.

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    another fett figure… yawn.

  • Jason Wood

    At least it is official

  • studlydudly

    meh, I have no interest in this scale

  • Dave

    So much for the Han in Carbonite SDCC exclusive we were hoping would trickle into Walgreens. Looks like I’ll never own one.

    • Jason Wood had sdcc boba fett in stock. I also heard a Han in carbonite might be coming with Leia Bousch maybe next year.

  • Miguel Sandoval

    Yes!!!! I have like 3 Walgreens stores down the street from me! I’ll def be on the look out for this one!

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  • Bombadgungan

    Well color me stunned! My apologies to SWAN for doubting their initial report truly meant an exclusive TBS 6″ Fett. This looks cool!

  • User897

    It would be nice if Hasbro at least put effort into getting the proto guns with him, instead of just white washing a regular Fett and calling it a day. Oh well.