Potential Answers to Ordering the Walgreens Exclusive Prototype Boba Fett


From the moment¬†it was revealed, fans have questioned “how will the Walgreens Exclusive Prototype Boba Fett be made available to both SDCC attendees and the general public?” Thanks to Facebook reader, Jason F., we may have an answer. Click on through for the details.

Jason passes along this article from Examiner.com that details the procedure for ordering one of Hasbro’s other Walgreens exclusive items – a My Little Pony figurine. Basically it breaks down like this:

SDCC attendees will get access to the pre-order via a QR code available at Hasbro’s booth (#3329). The general pre-order will go live after SDCC on Sept.¬†1 and orders will ship by mid-Sept. Again, this is using the My Little Pony example, but presumably, the Prototype Fett would follow a similar if not identical¬†system.

  • Mark Glackin

    What if you don’t have a smart phone?

  • padawanbear

    So now we’ll be lumped in with all the “Bronies” waiting for a toy? Nice.

  • Braxton Alford

    Guess I’m a little disappointed with this prototype. It looks like Hasbro just spray painted an original Fett.

  • tigersith

    So it’s possible that this won’t be available at the brick and mortar Walgreen’s stores?

  • Braxton Alford

    I still say Hasbro should have commissioned Jayson and Chris to do this figure. Their prototype looks so much better.

  • studlydudly

    sheesh, I have a hard enough time getting the 3.75 inch figures I want

    I still have no interest in this scale

  • darthmadonna

    This is sounding complicated. So this guy is an exclusive to Walgreens but only via SDCC. I have to go to Hasbro’s booth and get a QR code at SDCC to order it but then wait and it will be shipped in September. So what if I do not or can not go to SDCC. How does that really make it exclusive to Walgreens? Ugh I kinda wanted this one but I guess it can go in the pile of crap I will never get via SDCC…

    • I have a feeling this will be easier to get than some people realize. Like I stated, a GENERAL pre-order will be available on Walgreens.com on Sept. 1. The SDCC attendees just get first crack at the pre-order.

      • Xo Tica

        What about us collectors who live outside the US? Will it be distributed through Diamond to the comic bookstores?.

        • Darth Janus

          I’ll grab one for you if you can’t get it, Xo.

          • Xo Tica

            Thanks DJ , I appreciate it very much. Are there any figures you need from this side of the Atlantic? By the way the last Disney cards will be released on 12th July , so next week we can exchange mailing details through Paul.

          • Darth Janus

            I never got the 2013 Yoda/AOTC Movie Heroes or Clone Wars. It’s the CW ones I really want. Are they still available there? Maybe we could work out a trade? Either way I’ll try and get you one. It would definitely be cool to have a contact in the UK. Same for you in regards to the US. The awesome Kmart 2-packs and Ewok Catapult are still on shelves. Are you a loose collector. I try to get MOC and loose, but usually don’t open something unless I have it MOC first.

          • Xo Tica

            DJ , I have got all 12 collector cards., all I need is your address. Ask Paul on JTA for my email address so we can swap details.

          • Darth Janus

            Ok, Xo, I will.

          • Xo Tica

            Have Walgreens started taking orders for Proto Boba online yet?

      • Boba Fett

        And isn’t a QR code just a link to a specific webpage? So in theory, someone who is attending SDCC could scan it, and then post the link on a fan site for everyone?

      • Darth Janus

        Do you know if it will ever reach brick and mortar Walgreens?

        • Yes, it will.

          • Darth Janus

            Cool. Thanks, Jayson.

        • Yes, as early as July 7th! LOL. That’s just what the screen shot we have says is all. It likely will change.