Sunday May 24th 2015

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More Cantina Showdown Images


The crew at Rebelscum have posted additional images of the Toys”R”Us exclusive 6″ Cantina Showdown set and it looks like we can now expect the Disney logo applied to the revised Black Series packaging as well. Head on over to check it out.

  • User897

    And the “Worst Shelf-Warmer of 2014″ Award goes to…. This might be so bad that TRU stores and the Website won’t want to order any Star Wars product.

  • richard

    That’s awkward. Hasbro use to say anything with “Disney” on it wasn’t part of the regular line. Would never commit and say the Build A Droid was Hasbro/Star Wars line even when they made it. Now everything is going to say Disney? LMAO!