• Jedichris24

    Lol everyone is saying they are passing on it!!!yea right!!! Theirs no need to lie to ourselves.

  • Dave

    I’m sure every major Brick and Mortar chain from Walmart to Target to K-Mart to Toys R Us passed on this until Walgreens finally accepted it.

  • David Hackney


  • Boba Fett
  • richard

    Why they always have to lie. They know we’ll buy it if it’s Boba Fett. Pin point accuracy? Lolz. It’s just the Boba Fett molded in white.

  • Jub Goobles

    Looks great! I’m personally happy to see Walgreens getting an exclusive. I’ve had enough of the same old and tired retailers.

  • Xo Tica

    Good luck if you don’t live in the US

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  • studlydudly

    good luck getting this to those who want it

    I wont be trying to as the focus of my collection is the 3.75 inch stuff

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      I feel the same way. Not that I am going to be 100% sure I’ll pass on it, but I am in no way feeling compelled to buy this.