• FireFox91

    That truly doesn’t appear to be an X-Wing. It has a lot of similarities, but there is only 1 wing surface there, not 2. No place to split open. Regardless, it does look good. Looks like a classic Star Wars vehicle. I’m excited.

    • A. The official site confirmed its an X-Wing.
      B. There are 2 wing surfaces (stacked front to back, not top to bottom)
      C. There is space on the engine to split.
      D. Here is an image of how it functions.

  • chad

    It reminds me of the z-95 headhunter.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I honestly don’t see how any fan of the OT would not be excited by this. It’s got such a classic Star Wars look to it, and we have to remember, this film takes place 30 years after the timeline of the Battle of Endor. I’d love to see as many OT designs as anyone, but we can’t expect everything to be what we saw in the originals. It looks like Abrams is treating the old stuff in high regard with what we’ve seen thus far and we should be happy!

  • PorkinsEject
  • studlydudly

    to me, it doesn’t look as if the wings can separate into the classic X shape

    ok watching the video in full screen I do see some split in the center

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    This looks FANTASTIC! I am more excited than ever now for this film.

  • Jon

    Is there no astromech droid compartment?

  • Ryan Murphy

    Did you see the supposed script leak?

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      there’s no way that is legit… it’s just too lame…

  • SteveB

    It looks much more like the Z95 Headhunter to me!

  • Ryan Murphy

    I don’t like it.. it looks much less rugged

    • I love it! Slimmer profile & sleek. Yet battle worn and “used”.