Star Wars Rebels: Full Trailer 2

The Official Site has uploaded a new trailer for Star Wars Rebels

The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy. Hope runs thin. But on the small planet of Lothal a big change is looming. A group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it’s clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.

Watch for the series to kick off this October on Disney XD

  • nate e.

    It could be cool…and have it’s moments. Pretty much like Clone Wars. Overall I dug Clone Wars. It had ups and downs, but if I had to say I liked it or not…I did like it. Here’s to hoping Rebels is good overall.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Not exactly my cup of tea, but this looks a lot better than when I remember seeing the initial trailer information for the Clone Wars cartoon. There’s really no comparison, really.