6″ Scale 4 POA Line For Star Wars???

Toy Fair 2015 Hasbro Marvel Comics Basic 6 inch figures Hulk 1

Idle Hands has posted an article and gallery of Hasbro’s Marvel product slated to be showcased at Toy Fair 2015 next week. Within the items is a new line of figures similar to Titan Heroes but in a smaller 6″ scale – with only 3-4 POARead on for what this may mean for the Star Wars brand.

One could postulate that something similar will be coming for the Star Wars brand as well. For a while there have been discussions on the interwebs (amongst collectors) that Hasbro is trying to phase out the super articulated 3-3/4″ scale figures to funnel them to the 6″ TBS line. If that was the case, what does a limited articulation 6″ figure mean?

Commence Hulk rage in 3…2…1…

Images courtesy IdleHands