New Target DPCI List Surfaces


Our friends at JediDefender have received a new list of Target DPCI numbers (and prices) for later this year courtesy of forum member “Nicklab”. The list breaks down several segments of toys from action figures (3.75″, 6″ & 12″), vehicles, roll play, Micro Machines and more. Click on through to check it out. Spoiler warnings apply.

Update: You can also check out the list at the Venganza Media Gazette if your workplace has a block on message boards/forums.

  • Jedichris24

    Wait so no black series 3’75????

    • Bombadgungan

      Didn’t we hear from SDCC Q&As that TBS 3.75″ was going on hiatus until after Ep. VII? I though I remembered reading that. Now I didn’t take that as concreted proof that there would be no S/A 3.75″. I thought there was still a chance we might see a S/A 3.75″ line with a different name and asst. SKU for TFA, just no characters from the PT, OT, TCW, EU while they concentrated on the new movie.

  • Not that I recall

  • Paulskywalker

    Wasn’t this list revealed a month or two ago?

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    Maybe it’s 6 or 7 POA? A happy medium? Lolz.

  • Jedichris24

    Hasbro never fails at failing us

  • SlothFromHoth

    Definitely saving the “nerd rage meltdown sadness” until we get a complete picture of the line, but I guess there goes any chance of SA/SL blended line. Maybe they just really, really lowered the price…(lol)

    And at $10, I wonder what the Class 1 Vehicles are going to be? (Or is just a placeholder?) I’m having a hard time picturing anything other than Rey’s speeder, but I would have thought even that would be at a higher price point than $10.

    Nevertheless, it’s very exciting. I am probably going to get sucked into those MicroMachine blind bags. MicroMachines man! What year is it?

  • don

    Why even think of these?? The last reset still is empty. For real it has been months and the pegs are still empty since the reset. Nothing will ever show up again.Not trying to be negative. But where i’m at there is still nothing. I refuse to believe that another reset will help. And all the collectors don’t say a word just drive to store nothing there walk right out. Gas is not free.Time is not free either.Is every store in the nation getting things and Milwaukee nothing??? For real i hit the one store everyday. Nothing since reset. Other store i hit once or twice a week nothing.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I don’t mean to be negative but this really looks like we’re going to have a lot of upset collectors here, and kids having a vastly inferior Star Wars brand than what other generations have gotten to experience.

    Get ready for a $29.99 Falcon, very limited articulation, mostly “hero” characters, very few cool aliens, etc.

    Basically, from what little information I’ve received (from a source I trust) Hasbro is playing defense now rather than going on the attack. This could be a very, very depressing “relaunch” of Star Wars for those of us that have been around for the long haul.

    If it’s as bad as I’m afraid it’s going to be, I hope collectors make it very clear to Disney how they feel – but we need to do it in a mature way – don’t need the “Hasblo” comments – need constructive criticism.

  • RumSleg

    There we go. The only 3.75″ figures on this DPCI list are $7.99, a/k/a 5POA. Looks like the super-articulated 3.75″ figure line is dead. 🙁

    • bmales01

      I would make that same conclusion

      thank you Hasbro for saving me money

    • This list isn’t complete. 😉

      • RumSleg

        I hope you’re right!

        • bmales01

          sure it is

          a complete disappointment

    • Bombadgungan

      Yep, that’s how I read it as well. That $7.99 = 5POA. I’m not counting out S/A just yet, but it is a bit disconcerting. Is it possible that Target is just loosing interest in that category?

      • Darth Eddie

        I hope Target isn’t getting cold feet about the brand. It’s not their fault distribution and even product quality have been all over the map and often mediocre the past couple of years. They’ve been in the Star Wars game for almost 20 years now and it’d be a real shame if they stopped carrying certain items just because the current stuff isn’t selling like hotcakes.

        Given the continued commitment of the other retail chains to the brand even at the low points since 2012 I’m hoping Target stays in the game for the new movie and sells whatever super articulated product gets made.

        • Bombadgungan

          Hey Darth Eddie, how ya been? 🙂

          Yeah, some of my best memories of action figure hunting over the years have been at Target. Living on the West Coast, Target was always a major player, with Walmart not showing up till later on. Target is still my most frequent stop even today. But I honestly believe that they are far less committed to the line now than they have been in the past. Regardless of the “unknown mysteries” that swirl around distribution, it is solely Target corporate that has decided on planograms with only one peg for TBS 3.75″ and one peg for SL. That and their decision to switch to distributing 1 or 2 “eaches” from a case per store rather than sending out a full case.

          Is it just Target? No, the state of the pegs at my local Walmarts has been just as dismal for the past 2 years. TRU is slightly better, getting in a full case which they’ll restock once or twice before things stagnate again and the wait begins for another 4-6 months before a new case appears.

          Is it because Hasbro can’t ship product out consistantly? Well, I won’t say they are the best in the business, but surely if retailers as big as Walmart and Target really wanted the product bad enough, we would have seen it stocked by now. I just think everyone has scaled back. From what the retailers planogram to what they order and stock to what Hasbro produces. Is this a sign of playing it conservative until the tsunami of product for Ep. VII or is this a refection of an overall drop in interest in action figures (among both 4-13 year-old boys to 30-60 year-old fanboys)? Could it be that pop-culture is so pervasive in today’s society that there are just too many lines to choose from, too many distractions? It seems as though Star Wars has never had as much competition for attention as it has now. I know, little solace to its most die hard fans.

          • Darth Eddie

            Some good points there. Thanks for that.

          • Darth Eddie

            Hanging in there! =0) You?

          • Bombadgungan

            A bit thicker in the middle and thinner on top. 😉

            Ready for the new wave of excitement that will be TFA and the Sequel Trilogy! Toys or no toys.

          • Darth Eddie

            Thicker in the middle and thinner on top has been my trend and personal motto for years. =0)

          • Bombadgungan

            It’s funny you should mention that. I was just talking to the guy down at TRU about whether they would be doing a Midnight Madness event for the TFA toy launch. I think it would be a great opportunity to stoke up the excitement.

          • Darth Eddie

            It would be an excellent opportunity to get people excited about not only the new movie but also Star Wars toys and collectibles, and that doesn’t happen much these days and certainly not on the level of a brand new film’s launch merchandise!