In 2005, The Force Was Alive


A decade ago, a lot of us were in Star Wars collecting heaven with the ROTS product launch, and literally throwing our money at Star Wars as we ate up the action figure line.  Our good friends at jeditemplearchives have posted some great pics of the retail launch back then.  Take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy the images by clicking here!

Personal Note:  In my opinion, Hasbro should be looking back at what made that toy line so popular and needs a similar approach for The Force Awakens… great variety of vehicles, characters, troops, background aliens, weird droids, nice sculpts, good articulation, etc.  There were very few duds in the ROTS line, and the low price point and excitement for the brand were able to wash the silly figures like “spinning Yoda” and “Force kick Obi Wan” right off the pegs.  Star Wars needs a ROTS-kind of commitment from Hasbro again for this toy line to dominate the toy section like it used to.

  • Shark

    ON the 2005 note, yes, those were the days! The 2007 Celebration IV was a collector’s Mecca! I spent $300 on figures on ONE DAY! Hasbro has lost its way, a lot of the Collectors have been asking if they don’t want this Niche business anymore, why don’t they give it up to someone who actually wants it? Let’s see what Hasbro does or does not at the Celebration Anaheim 2015, they will be judged severely by it, take Heed Hasbro!!!

  • Shark

    Yes, Hasbro has dropped the Ball in the collecting world. They should know what works! They need to cater to Collectors, not 10 year old kids who are going to abandon their toys once teenagers. Where not the Mini Rigs some of the best toys in the planet, ever?

  • nate e.

    this is 10 years ago…is that price point even possible anymore?

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      No, but $8 seems doable for a line with average of 10 pts articulation mass produced. Throw in some gems with 14 pts, and mix in some senator types with 6 – 8 pts. Hasbro should not go extreme with cutbacks for anything now that new films are coming to boost retailer support into the stratosphere… It’s time for Hasbro to hold up their end of the bargain again.

      • Darth Eddie

        I completely agree with this post. We’ll never see 10-POA figures for $5.29 again (short of some big sales) but we can see them for $7.99 or $8.99 at the most if they take advantage of the global avalanche of marketing and sales that will accompany Episode VII and the other future movies in the franchise. They’ll have a colossal tidal wave to ride and reap huge profits, allowing them to invest more in the quality of their product and give collectors and kids more for their money. Maybe we won’t see a dramatic price drop but we can see the prices level out once there’s a far bigger and more excited market for new figures and other toys.

        On the other hand: the current leadership at Hasbro has demonstrated some pretty inept decision-making with the license over the past few years, so who knows if they’ll take advantage of this giant global opportunity (and in tandem with the Disney empire) to make Star Wars something truly special and exciting again. If their accountants and other suits keep insisting on cutting corners everywhere they look to placate their board meetings and shareholders then the Episode VII toys won’t live up to some of our hopes. Voices need to be heard at Celebration Anaheim and San Diego Comic-Con later this summer, and louder than ever.

  • Jedichris24

    A 5 year old can run hasbro better than the idiot in charge

  • don

    This was when it was cool. Lots of stuff on the pegs.

  • robjoh

    Hascrap has really gone to the dogs lately. I hardly ever buy any SW stuff anymore,even when I see it. I agree,they should TRY and do this for the next movie. Doubt it’ll happen,but one can always hope.