Limited Edition Admiral Ackbar Keepsake Ornament


Our friends at JediNews have received additional details regarding the Admiral Ackbar Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark. It will be available this year at Gold Crown store at their Ornament Premiere on July 11. Be sure to check out their other article as well which includes info on two ornaments coming later this year The Force Awakens.

  • sdrob

    Love Ackbar, hate the timing… same weekend as San Diego Comic-Con, that totally bites. Have to find someone else to go to Hallmark store to pick it up.

    • robjoh

      You gonna try and get the con exclusive SW orny’s as well? Good luck! And remember to be there as early as possible,lol.

  • Bombadgungan

    Nice! I like! I’ll have to mark my calendar to be at Hallmark for the release of this one. I’ve always been a big Ackbar fan.

  • robjoh

    DEFO wanna pick up this orny! Luckily I’m in the US then because of Comic Con,it’s the same weekend as Premiere,lol. The info on TFA orny’s is old news,I just wanna know what two they’re going for. I’m guessing BB-8 and maybe Finn? I will certainly try and find out at Comic Con,some of the people working at the Hallmark booth are friends so maybe they’ll give me some hints at least,lol. Might even try for the con exclusive orny.