TBS #02 Luke Skywalker Elbow Pin Variant


Speaking of variants, a new figure variant has surfaced that actually improves upon the pre-existing figure. Newer releases of #02 Luke Skywalker (Hoth) now feature color matched (tan) elbow pins. The original VC95 and TBS #02 releases has contrasting gray pins that stood out quite noticeably. Click the image above for a closer look.

Thanks to our friend Matt Booker from JediNews for the heads up.

  • Falcon

    Without Prejudice,

    I am a disappointed collector over this one….

    OK, I’ve been a big supporter whenever I have chimed in over at Jedi Temple Archives or here of Hasbro, and I have many time been willing to give them massive credit where it is due, and be accepting of what some call errors, but I can forgive as compromise, and forgiving them as a purchaser, so let me get one thing straight, I have been one of the more positive posters regarding Hasbro as a customer and a massive collector I am (1300 figures, I use the rule of 2 one to display MOC and one to open, I also have a combined total of vehicles and diorama sets (The Falcon (79 and 2 current modern day ones), Droid Factory 1979, TaunTaun’s in many versions, vintage and modern etc.) of 90, plus adding to this all the Black Series 6 inch figures and deluxe sets. So a pretty massive collection, a collection that also contains 89 MOC unopened 1978 to 1985 Kenner 3,75 figures, and another set I only touch with photographers gloves (C10’s) that I (well my parents back then, god bless them) purchased in the 70’s and 80’s – so none of this purchased off Ebay stuff, mine are known genuine, I was there when I purchased them and then even back then was careful to store them away perfectly to this day, just to give you an idea, my cardboard Death Star is unopened, and I had one I did open.

    I am not one to brag about my collection, I love the look of sharing showing fans my collection, but otherwise its just special to me, as Star Wars is to me a special time in my life.

    Now to my point, of course I as still madly collecting, and the Black Series is the current collection I am keeping on top of.

    Now this really gripes me, I live in Australia, so I have to get the figures as they arrive first up, as the possibility of missing out is so large, so I have little choice but to buy as soon as they turn up at retail.

    So what do I get when I buy two Hoth Wampa Luke Black Series Phase #2 figures, both with the incorrect elbow pin colour, in other words the variant with the incorrect joint colours.
    I’ve let a lot go, and forgiven Hasbro for a lot of variations, but to see this only a week after purchasing my two makes me furious, and to be honest, in my opinion I feel like I am purchasing “factory seconds” packaged at retail, especially this change has happened only days after I get my two,

    So as a collector and a big supporter of Hasbro I have been, this is a bit of a breaking point, I am going to have this addressed at least for myself – I am ringing Hasbro headquarters in my country to make my complaint known, of course in a polite and professional manner, but I intend to get my sentiment across, I am not happy.

    I purchase 2 of each figure (I run by the rule of 2 where possible) and this is a costly game for a collector (one that is a customer who has always been a positive supporter of Hasbro) so I can’t take this type of variation so close to me buying versions that are just plain incorrect, or as in my opinion “not finished” and as I said also in my opinion make me feel like I have “factory seconds” – to me in my opinion this is not a variation, it is a correction of an error in the original product.

    Anyway, I have let these things go in the past, mostly because the change came a lot later, the Biker Scout Black Series 3.75 is one example, I purchased my first one very quickly, but then got about 10 more, the first one has a rounded visor, the rest have square visors, yep another variation, but really in my opinion a change to correct an error.

    I only saw the one I got very early myself that was like this, so once again the change must have been made fairly quickly as I purchased many more not long after my first one, and they are all with the corrected visor. But like I say I let that particular one go.

    This time I, as I said, am going to communicate with Hasbro my feelings as a collector on this one, as it’s in my opinion, just not right.

    I feel penalized for buying first being a dedicated supporter, only to have what is an easily thing to have gotten right the first run, instead of collectors like me ending up with 2 that are compared to the updated version, no where near as good.

    • I say this with extreme prejudice against hasbro,

      Im sure your sentiments will be well heard here, but I dont think the operator on the hasbro phone line will a second flying s___ about your or any other collector’s concerns. Its highly doubtful your plea will ever be heard by any hasbro employee that has an significant level of control or influence. The only thing that is a guarantee is the canned responses from the phone operator about how hasbro values their customers.

      • Falcon

        So I have a point yes? I mean we can pay up to $20AUD for each figure here, I paid luckily $14AUD for the first Luke Wampa Hoth, but to get the second one I had to go to another store, who charges $19.95AUD, and then literally a week later I see they have corrected the mis-coloured pins in the elbows!

        It changes the quality of the look of the whole figure in my opinion, I really do feel like I am getting a “factory second” or “early prototype” off the retail shelf! in my opinion, ONE WEEK for crying out loud and I find the figures I nearly laid out $40AUD for together, are not completed, and now purchasers are after me getting mine, are getting the corrected version.

        Not happy, and I have shown to be very forgiving, but this just makes my figures look like they are faulty compared to the change to the correct colour IMO.

        • Oh I think you have more than a point, and I wish hasbro would take it.

  • I just noticed they still didn’t correct the missing paint apps. On the TVC Luke, his comlink on the left wrist was painted. He also had some sort of insignia on the shoulder. Neither one of these appear to be fixed. I was hoping they would have, considering what they did with the Stormtrooper.

  • Awesome! Maybe our buddy VK will get some of this version and I can replace the one I currently have.

  • This is good news; Jayson, you’ve been making my day with the TBS running change and variant items today!