• Dave

    Saw this at Walmart yesterday. I had to laugh.

  • LadyFerry

    Deluxe? what the heck is so deluxe about this figure? looks like dog poo with a smile to me.

  • don

    Was he able to buy them?? I was told all the Walmart are on lockdown for the toys. But if you go to a self checkout you get get it.

    • Paulskywalker

      I just have this picture of a Walmart manager all serious ‘We’re on lockdown guys’. Alarms and red lights going.

  • N-word Jim

    The line is actually called Star Wars Stiffy”s, this is a deluxe Stiffy. Very hard to find. Happy hunting!

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    Wonder how tall he is.

  • mintoncard

    “Deluxe” Hero Series? As in “Deluxe Shampoo Bottles”?

    • Ya, some of them are so bad, they look like they’ve been squished to fit in the same size box. Some characters are fine though.

      • mintoncard

        LOL. Well said.

    • Paulskywalker

      I was just about to say the same thing lol.