6″ Hero Series for The Force Awakens Confirmed


Back in February, we speculated that Hasbro may start up another 6″ scale of limited articulation figures similar to the 12″ Hero Series. It looks like that has indeed come to pass as a new image out of Hong Kong shows a new Finn figure. Hasbro has done this with their Marvel line as well with the figures sold through dollar stores and the like. No word yet as to US availability.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    It might work if they did the Vintage figures like this. Sorta like GG’s Vintage jumbos.

    • Bombadgungan

      You mean it might work for the adult collector?

  • heybert17

    When I saw the sign at Dollar General that said “Star Wars coming soon” I wondered what kind of crap it would be. They have very cheap horrible versions of the Hasbro Marvel Superheroes, that look very “foreign knock off” compared to the toys sold at Walmart etc.. And considering that Hasbro’s actual Star Wars items are approaching knock off level I can imagine this Dollar Store stuff is going to be horrendous. The real funny part is that these way inferior figures sold at the “dollar” stores are usually only priced about a buck less than the regular retail figures, so a huge rip off. But the perfect crap for the harried parent trying to shut up the screaming kid.

  • Nick Dickens

    By selling through to dollar stores I’m guessing that the Marvel figures sold badly at retail then ended up being shipped off to the dollar heavy discount stores?

    • David Strohmenger

      The Marvel figures that are found at Dollar General, Family Dollar and Big Lots are produced for those chains. They’re not unsold overstock from other retailers.

      • Nick Dickens

        Thanks for that David 🙂

  • robjoh

    Aren’t these the 5″ scale simialr to the Marvel figs at dollar stores? Look a little smaller than 6″. More crap from Hascrap I won’t be buying anyways. lol. I’ll stick with the better stuff. But I bet kids will love it though.


    • Bombadgungan

      I’m confused. If the kids will love it then isn’t Hasbro doing their job? Heck, they already make super-articulate TBS 6″ for us, so what do we care if kids have a Star Wars toy too?

      • robjoh

        Oh Hascrap are doing their job,of course. They try to entice the kids to buy stuff,so of course they’ll give’em all the choices they possibly can….almost…..so in that regard they are doing a great job. Cheap fun stuff for the kids,more pricey other stuff for collectors and grown-ups. lol. Still buying non-Hascrap stuff though. They lie to me when I talk with them at Comic Con,I respond by not buying their stuff. Plain and simple. They don’t need my money when millions of others buy their stuff anyways,but at the back of their minds they know they could’ve had just that little bit more. lol! Oh well,life goes on.

  • Zarco Rey

    They still misspelled “jacket” next to Finn’s name.

    • Ginsu117


  • Ginsu117

    Saw a chewbacca one in my local target. So yeah they are state side. I remember collecting 3.75 inch when they were good….lol

  • darthmadonna

    Man Hasbro really wants to cover all their bases except for good quality 3.75″ figures.

    • LaurenceQuint

      Seriously. There is so much extraneous, redundant, pointless JUNK out there that clogs the pegs, that NO ONE of any age would want.

      And yet decent 3.75 figures is apparently a bridge too far.

  • Paulskywalker

    Seriously how many types of figures does Hasbro need. How about something new and exciting one decently made set of 3 3/4 inch figures and 6 inch.

  • Ryan Murphy

    and still $20 plus tax

    • heybert17

      I would say these will be in the 6-8.00 range to make them less than the 12″ versions but still way over priced for the quality.

  • Henry

    How many more sizes do we need?

    • I was quite surprised that hasbro has held off on doing the 2 inch scale.

  • ugh. No more. Just pure waste.

  • fetts