• Bombadgungan

    This is a cool variant and the $3 markup for an exclusive ain’t bad at all. I still haven’t decided which route to go, clean or dusted.

    • Chris Lastovich

      In my opinion, the box art alone is worth the mark up, but I’m a “keep it in the box” kind of guy. I did finally find ONE yesterday at my Toys R Us, I wasn’t able to make it in Thursday, so between Wednesday night and Friday night, they got in whatever they got and I snatched the last one… Wonder if they will get anymore or if this was a one or two case deal and that’s it? Neat exclusive none the less.

      • Bombadgungan

        Congrats on scoring this piece Chris!

        Up until just recently I too was a keep it in the box kind of guy on a fair amount of my collectibles, but it’s finally gotten to be too much, so now it’s openers primarily with long and hard consideration before I bring home a boxed collectible. This is why if I’m going to get a TFA TIE Fighter I will have to choose just one version.

  • lot of these in my TRU near los angeles

  • db3121

    Found some in Minneapolis today. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Chris Lastovich

    Thanks!! I’ve been stopping at my local Toys R Us down in Woodridge, IL everyday on my way home from work checking. Fortunetaly I only live a few blocks away so I should be able to grab these exclusives pretty easily I hope.

    • Chris Lastovich

      Ah nothing here yet. Though they must of put a case of wave 1 6 inch series black out this morning. No stormtroopers, but there were still two Kylo’s, 2 Chewies, 2 Finns, and 1 Rey left.

  • Grant

    Soooo much of this will be on clearance by Christmas/New Year’s.

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    And at $42.99, of course Toys R Us charges $3 extra for the red paint on the pilot’s visor and sand on the wings.