• Rykrof_Enloe

    Looks great, plus production piece will likely have gray hair.

    Now, more importantly, hopefully the SA 3.75″ version is coming soon… but guess that’s wishful thinking considering how backwards Hasbro runs things these days.

    • I hope so. He doesnt nearly look grizzled enough, and Im thinking its mostly the thickness of the paint when they do these official shots. At least his pants are pretty high up to lend some realism to his age.

  • Han Solo, resistance spokesman for Just For Men hair dye.

  • Thinwheat

    Dang, that looks good! Would have liked to see hair with more grey in it, though. His hair is definitely NOT that color.

    • Grant

      Yeah, They really dropped the ball on that but this is 2010’s Hasbro we are talking about here.

  • fluke skydancer

    Wow. Give him a hat and call him Indiana Solo. Couldn’t Lucasfilm have given him a more updated look? They did for Luke and Lea. Blue jacket, Brown pants. It’s Bespin Han.

    • JsironStories

      … so?

    • Grant

      Abrams is known for a lot of things but originality is not one of them.