Vintage Collection Status Report


The crew at Imperial Shipyards has posted their QnA with Hasbro and a very direct question has answer was exchanged regarding the return of the Vintage Collection (TVC). Head over to ISY’s forum to get Hasbro’s answer.

For additional QnAs, check out Jedi Temple Archives and Sir Steve’s Guide who has a nice look at the prototype Seventh Sister Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.

  • Theater Geek

    The answer about playsets was absolutely pathetic.

  • Hasbro’s blowing smoke. Only way they’re coming back out with TVC is with 5 POA figures on vintage cardbacks.

    • Eric

      That would be a slap in the face. I hope you’re wrong,

  • The time is always right for TVC 3.75″ figures. What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Hasbro?

  • Dave

    LOL! When the time is right?!?!? Come on, Hasblow! You haven’t given us anything we’ve actually wanted since you took away TVC in 2011!!!

  • Darth Eddie

    “When the time is right.”

    I hope so. I can’t wait to see TVC 3.75″ figures make their triumphant return to stores.

  • Bombadgungan

    I know it’s not the answers we want to hear, but I understand why they gave the answers they did.

    — TBS 6″ —
    I’d love to get a TBS 6″ Battle Droid for my collection, but I do kind of fear they would peg warm.

    I completely understand the repaints. The 2nd and 3rd versions of Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Phase I Clones, and now First Order troopers released without requiring any [or very little] new tooling are an important part of the pricing strategy of the line. These “simple” repaints are factored in from the beginning and are necessary to keep the pricepoint where it is. I don’t see any Stormtroopers or Sandtroopers clogging the pegs, so they must be doing OK with this strategy. However, they may want to reconsider doing the Phase I Clone Lieutenant anytime soon.

    I think Phase II Clone variants would likely do better. Just imagine all the great Clone Commanders they could do with paint and little tweaks. Gree, Bly, Neyo, Bacarra, Devis… not to mention Shock Trooper, 212th Battalion Clone, 41st Elite Corps, 327th Star Corps, etc. And then there is the wide world of The Clone Wars. Lots of great Clones from that source. They waited too long to get Rex out there (he’s still coming right?). I’m thinking they are likely distancing themselves from The Clone Wars to focus on Rebels and TFA. Disney directive? A shame, but also makes sense.

    I would like to see them release these 6″ figures in more themed waves. Or do we as “adults” just need to be more patient? I mean we did get X-Wing Luke and R2 together, we got Han Solo and Greedo together and we got Darth Vader and Jedi Luke together. We got Jabba following slave Leia. We got ROTS Anakin following Obi-Wan. We got Chewbacca following Han. We got Yoda following Bespin Luke. We got Stormtrooper disguise Luke following that version of Han. We got IG-88 following Bossk following Boba Fett. So there are some running themes here, just not always sharing the same wave.

    • sybeck1

      That’s the problem with the six inch line. They will never go into 3rd or 4th tier figures. We will get heroes with limited Leias, Imperial troopers, siths, and every clone of the rainbow.

      • TeeKay1138

        Moreover, how many collectors have enough space to display vehicles the size of the current TIE fighter. Even smaller vehicles and beasts will eat space real fast. 6″ TBS will suffer from that issue after a couple years when collectors start sizing down their purchases and Hasbro giving up due to lack of interest/sales.

        • sybeck1

          I don’t have room for that thing. An OT one? Maybe

          • bobcat

            i think over time people are going to see how this 6” line is kind a fail. some are nice and the size does make it feel a tad more collectible compared to 3 3/4” but the classic line will forever dominate the 6” line for sure. i think so anyway.

          • Bombadgungan

            Sybeck1, you make a good point that they will never delve as deeply into the character pool for 6″ as they have/could in the 3.75″ scale, not to mention the vehicles. And yes, space becomes even more precious. But here’s the thing. If Hasbro were to shut down the 6″ line and do solely 3.75″, I believe they would make less than they do now by offering both lines. There are new collectors that have come on board specifically because of the 6″ figures. Maybe you could think of the 6″ line as supplemental? Just buy a select few characters that are especially important to you and skip the rest. It is not as though we haven’t already received premium examples of all of these 6″ figures in super-articulated 3.75″ scale. So you wouldn’t be missing out on anything. As far as the TFA characters, those are coming in 3.75″ very soon.

          • bobcat

            the 6 inch line is more collectible sorta cause of the size of them compared to all these little figures laying around. its a toss up but 3 3/4” are so every where its easier to buy those just in a natural kinda way if that makes any sense. (fb groups,ebay,retail etc etc etc) i found myself just buying more 3 3/4” cause of that plus it doesnt hit the wallet as hard as one 6 inch figure does. with tax the new 6” are 28 bones here. i did grab a kylo ren but thats a lot..if i was richer i guess the money wouldnt matter..would i buy more 6” figures ? i dotn know. i do prefer the compact size of smaller figures..but with more mulla it does change things 🙂 haha

  • John Lindquist
    • Theater Geek

      The SSG Q&A was worth a laugh. “Toyetic value” ? What a crock.

  • Lord Toys

    Like Hasbro ever tells the truth……